Trust Image Guided Surgery with your Gynecologic Procedures

Published On: March 2, 2018

When your doctor tells you that you have fibroids or an ovarian cyst that may require surgery, it can be a little daunting. The risks and the recovery process that come along with surgery can often deter patients from following through if the case is not urgent. For some like Lisa-Marie Carter, a civilian military intelligence analyst, surgery to remove her ovarian cyst was recommended as part of her medical clearance for her next assignment. What should have been a routine operation with little complication, turned into a nightmare.
The OB/Gyn in Florida who performed the surgery Via Laparoscopy had mistakenly “cut through a portion of her small intestine but failed to address the damage before closing the incision.” By the time this was discovered after Carter was dealing with post-op complications, gangrene had developed and amputation was needed on both her hands and feet. Gangrene is a dead body tissue that is caused by an infection or the lack of blood flow. Symptoms include: skin discoloration, swelling, discharge, ect.

For simple cases like these or even complicated cases, it is always important to see a specialist in minimally invasive vascular intervention. At Image Guided Surgery, we are confident that our patients are in the best hands when undergoing either a minimally invasive procedure for a cyst or a non-surgical uterine fibroid embolization procedure. Dr. Gaugau has over 15 years of experience in image guided surgical procedures. Our trusted staff can help you find the best treatment plan and work closely with you OB/Gyn or primary care physician to give you the best care. Contact us in Clinton, Maryland to schedule an appointment.