Bequedia Deberry
17:37 22 May 24
Dr Gaugau was amazing and his staff are amazing as well! My procedure went well and I feel so much better after years of fibroids. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is suffering from fibroids.
Irene Baidoo
04:48 20 May 24
I am a nurse and struggling with Fibroids and adenomyosis. I have heavy periods causing me to be chronically anemic and low energy. I informed my OBGYN about my fibroids and adenomyosis. He offered me myomectomy to fix a portion of my fibroids but no treatment for the adenomyosis. I made a decision to seek a second opinion. This is when I went to see Dr Gaugau. He was amazing and knowledgeable about my condition. I had my UFE shortly afterwards.Two weeks post-op and I am beginning to have a burst of energy. I have also lost weight since the procedure and am super excited about it. I will highly recommend Dr Gaugau to anyone diagnosed with fibroids or adenomyosis.
La'Toya Moore
11:59 14 May 24
Visiting Dr. Gaugau's office was a pleasant experience. From the beginning of my treatment plan until the end, the staff (office staff and nurse) exemplified the utmost professionalism. The wait time to see the doctor was minimal, the education gained from speaking with the doctor was invaluable, and the end result-life changing. I highly recommend Dr. Gaugau and his staff.
Dayo Beth
18:17 13 May 24
Nice staff and great job done
Kia J
16:52 13 May 24
After dealing with fibroids for years, I was told my Only option was a Hysterectomy and that seems like it was the Only option for women in the African community and I didn’t want such an invasive procedure like that. A friend of mine mentioned Dr. Gau-Gau so I thought I would try a 3rd opinion and came here and I am glad I did they are amazing!! The front office staff for starters are extremely professional, they are always smiling, polite & helpful. Nowadays you walk into doctor’s offices, you’re already nervous but to be greeted by rude and disrespectful ugly faced staff members that clearly the doctors like shows what kind of doctor you might be getting ready to do business with. But not here!! These young ladies make you feel comfortable and at ease. Now let’s talk the doctor Gau-Gau… His bedside manner is warm, he doesn’t only help with fibroids…. He gives advice and recommendations on all your healthcare needs! You’re not rushed, you feel heard, treated with respect and like a human. Color doesn't matter in this office, treatment is all he cares about and your well being is the only thing the entire staff is concerned about. So tell a friend to tell a friend and come here before you settle for the 1st option of a Hysterectomy.
Sabrina Chambliss
17:34 09 May 24
I was told by my old obgyn that I would need a hysterectomy after having a miscarriage due too my fibroids and the location they was in. Thank goodness I got a second opinion and came here From the first time I came here the staff was so nice answer all my questions made me feel comfortable and assured me that I was in good hands. I had my surgery October 23 2023 and now Iam 8 weeks pregnant expecting my little nugget in December. Best choice I made coming here. Thanks Doctor Gaugau
Nadya Afanou
12:55 04 May 24
Best Doctor ever.He takes his time and explained everything to me regarding my health.Very patient, funny.I did my procedure and I m so happy.
Regina Riley
12:38 30 Apr 24
OMG, the team at Fibroid Center at image guided surgery did awesome job with my fibroid procedure. The bedside manner was great and Dr.Gaugau went beyond to correct the issue. I suggest if you have any fibroid issues come here.
Fran Akers
20:12 24 Apr 24
The Fibroid Center at Image Guided Surgery is the only place you should go to have your Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) services completed. Dr. Gaugau and his staff are the best in the entire DMV area. The experience was phenomenal and highly welcoming, from the beginning to end. The Medical Office Administrators (MOA) were very knowledgeable, helpful and Professional. I strongly recommend this office for your UFE surgery.
Nene Gaines
18:08 23 Apr 24
Very friendly and professional staff. My experience was smooth and nurse Bonnie was very helpful and answered all my questions. Dr Gaugau has excellent bedside manners and shows care for his patients
Charmaine Harvey
18:12 18 Apr 24
I am forever blessed/grateful for Dr. GouGou and his staff. That team brought me back to life. I am now giving a second chance of happiness without the pain that I was enduring for years.I was at 99% towards an hysterectomy because of the level of damage caused by my fibroid and the thickness in my stomach lining. He never gave up on me when trying his all to accomplish our goal. I woke up with the great life changing news that my percedure was a success. 🙌I can not move forward without share this information with any and all who is going through this in life. Please take care of yourself starting with Dr. GouGou he will change your life forever. 🙏Again, so grateful for him, his team and his love and knowledge to help us all in need. 💜
Telitha McGee
15:21 18 Apr 24
I suffer with fibroid tumors for years even before going into menapos I was told by doctors to have a historectomy but I kept putting it off then I heard about Doctor GauGau Fibrioid center in Clinton MD first I was skeptical because I was a DC resident but then I called and found out that he takes DC insurance when I went in for my consulting the staff was amazing made me feel comfortable soon as I walked through the door I had my procedure iam feeling great in and out procedure hardly no down time depends on the person had it done on Thursday and back to normal Sunday you do have to rest so if you suffering with fibroid call Dr Gau Gau center I know you won't be disappointed.
Charlotte Brown
18:01 08 Apr 24
It was a wonderful experience and recovery was great no side effects nor pain. I would definitely recommend this procedure and glad not going the other route.
Ms. Latif
17:43 08 Apr 24
Life changing experience! Thank you Dr. GauGau and staff. Keysha was a breath of fresh air the entire time I walked in from the consultation to the procedure. Nurse Bonnie was also amazing! Much appreciated!
Annette D.
01:40 03 Apr 24
God is good to have blessed us with Dr. Gaugau. He is the best caring Doctor for women with fibroids. He is good at his work. It was a smooth effective minimally invasive surgery and he is also a nice guy. I am a witness that fibroids can fall out the uterus after the procedure. My iron levels are back to normal and my hair is growing. My quality of life is so much better and I can work more now and get back in shape. I'm so happy. May God bless you Dr. Gaugau.
Ms Harrison
16:32 27 Mar 24
The Fibroid Center at Image Guided Surgery in Clinton, Maryland is phenomenal. Dr. Gaugau is highly knowledgeable and show care to patients and staff. The nurse and staff members are so pleasant and attentive. I highly recommend for any women to make the appointment and see what's it's all about.
Sandrine aboh
00:57 27 Mar 24
It's a family. Highly recommended. Very friendly and down to earth. Dr Gaugau is a good man.
latonja downing
10:16 19 Mar 24
Doctor Gaugau, Helped me I had really large fibroids and I was dealing with a lot of issues from having them so long. Having the surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. It cleared all of my pain and issues and I lost weight immediately and still losing my weight my surgery was in Jan. You don’t have to suffer with long periods and all of the other things that come along with fibroids UFE surgery is the way to go the process was exactly how it was explained to me. You will be glad you made the choice to take your life back!
Alicia Atkins Greene
22:25 07 Mar 24
Fibroids have been my life for the last 15 years. I was told they were the reason my son came 2 months early by c-section. Fast forward 8 years later and I have been in the most excruciating pain the last few years and the cramps and blood clots during my periods have gotten worse and worse to the point where I am literally crying at 2am. I could no longer deal with the pain and I told my obgyn I wanted a hysterectomy (age 45). He referred me to a doctor who could perform a lyproscopic hysterectomy. The day of the surgery, the issue of a blood transfusion came up - which I told the doctor I was not taking. He told me he could not perform the surgery, so I left the hospital, completely devastated.In comes Dr. Gau :) About a year ago, I heard an ad on the radio about a minimally invasive procedure to remove fibroids. I looked the doctor up and saved the info in my phone. Fast forward to the day after my cancelled surgery, I looked the doctor up, submitted an inquiry on the website on Sunday. That Monday I received a phone all from the office asking if I could come in on Tuesday. Kesha and Dawn at the front desk are so awesome and personable. I loved chatting with them - but not more than I loved chatting with Dr. Gau. He is absolutely the best! He listens and listens and listens some more. He told me I had no business getting a hysterectomy and that I should have a pelvic MRI before I do anything else. Honestly, I cancelled two MRI appointments because I really did want a hysterectomy. But I eventually got the MRI done, ran back to Dr. Gau's office on the same day as the MRI with the CD in hand to review the results with the doctor. I literally cried in his office when he told me my issue was not fibroids - but adenomyosis - and that my uterus was 5xs the normal size. I finally found a reason for the pain and the anemia I had been dealing with for years. My surgery was scheduled two weeks later. Nurse Bonnie is the BEST! Her bedside manner is like no other. I woke up from surgery with only a band-aid on my thigh.I am writing my review 10-days after my successful embolization. Dr. Gau said everything looks good. I'm FEELING good! The first day after the surgery, the cramping was a little severe but almost the same pain I felt during every period so for me, it wasn't that bad. I rested for 7 days and I'm feeling slight cramping still because the uterus is still shrinking.Ladies - if you're looking for an alternative to a hysterectomy, please RUN - don't walk - to schedule an appt with Dr. Gau. He is absolutely amazing. The reviews don't lie. I wish I could have him as my primary care. He really cares for his patients. His whole team is amazing from beginning to end.
Toni Hood
23:14 05 Mar 24
Great doctor and staff! The doctor took his time and answered all my questions, very nice and personable! Finally!!! My review after my procedure a week ago, exceptional from the office staff, Keisha and Dawn, nurse Bonnie and the awesome Dr. Gaugau. I feel so much better after having UFE, mad ar myself for waiting. Hands down the best!
Juanita Obrien
22:30 04 Mar 24
By the time I’ve heard the commercial 3-4 times in the car I knew this was a sign to go To Dr G(look at me calling him Dr G we family now ) He was very informative about the whole process from beginning to end. Answered all my questions and took good care of me during my procedure. The fact that this is not a hospital is what kept me at ease (it’s just something about hospitals that freak me out) The office staff was very nice and friendly and also made me feel comfortable before and after my procedure. I also recommended my cousin as well And he took good care of her. I will highly recommended Dr G a 1000 times more
Ameera Richards
23:15 29 Feb 24
I highly recommend Dr.GauGau for fibrioid procedures. First Dr. GauGau was informative about the procedure from beginning to the end. The office staff was extremely friendly and also answered any questions I had. The day of the procedure the nurse practitioner was AMAZING. She made me feel confortable and prepared. This is the best decision I’ve made, it’s been a week since the surgery and I feel normal. I’ve already recommended this to my friends who is having the same issues as me
Rasheeda Gibson
14:40 27 Feb 24
Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!Call Dr. Gaugau's ofc ASAP so you can be more informed. Hysterectomy doesnt nessecarily have to be the end all be all.From the time I walked in the door I was met with smiles and professionalism. Kesha and Dawn were a delight. Not knowing what to expect, this made me feel at ease. My initial visit I found Dr. GauGau's bedside manner to be refreshing. He wasnt rushing, provided eye contact, spoke in terms that I could understand, and he made feel like asking questions was not a "bad thing". I had tons of them lol, so his patience and humor was appreciated. He was very thorough with the reviewing of my MRI and option choices based on what was found. That too made me feel comfortable with whatever decision was to come. I chose uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).The day of surgery, nurse Bonnie also provided great care ensuring ultimately that i was comfortable. Im still recoverying, but UFE was a choice i do not regret!!
Essie Curry
01:14 27 Feb 24
Ms. Keisha and Dr.GauGau were like a dream. They were professional, personable, and warm. It was very easy talking to them about difficult topics such as infertility. Look no further he is your Doctor!
mia minor
19:08 23 Feb 24
Dr.GauGau is kind, cares and he calls personally if there is a concern, he provides detailed explanation of your situation, provide all options and gives suggested recommendations on what is best, allows you to ask questions, and can contact him if you have any concerns and the staff is so nice. Working to schedule my procedure.
Shakia B
18:58 22 Feb 24
This center is great. The staff and customer service is exceptional. I would recommend this place any day. My experience was wonderful, I went to doctor Gaugau scared and in tears and he made sure I was ok through my whole procedure and I get to have more babies ! Thank you for the excellent work
Nickia Cooper
23:03 19 Feb 24
Very professional staff. Dr. G and nurse Bonnie answered all my concern questions and made me comfortable during the day of surgery. Now I’m feeling better day by day and looking forward to a great future.. I would definitely recommend The Fibroid Center.
Tanesha Flowers
19:34 14 Feb 24
If I could have a doctor like Dr.G at every appointment in life, I’d always be in good hands. Scheduling was easy & quick. Care during my procedure & Follow-up post procedure was amazing! I’m only a few weeks post ufe, and it feels good to finally get some sense of normalcy back after suffering for years. If you’re suffering from fibroids you’ll be in good hands with Dr.G. The reviews don’t lie
Latonia Butler
13:15 09 Feb 24
My experience with Dr. Gaugau and his staff was wonderful! I would recommend him to anyone considering embolization. I experienced cramping after which is normal. Dr. Gaugau and Bonnie was excellent in explaining what I may experience so I knew what to look out for. I'm still recovering and quite quickly I must say. My appetite is not fully back but I do feel better each day!
Kanika Vann
20:00 07 Feb 24
Dr. GauGau is amazing. He has a wonderful bedside manner. He is knowledgable, patient, and he hears you. He really hears you. He's warm and personable, and I couldn't ask for a better doctor. I had an embolization in 2022, only learning that I had fibroids two months prior. Making appointments was easy. His staff is just as personable. Everyone there just wants to help Six months after my procedure, my fibroids were gone and my cycle was back to normal. I'd easily give him 15 out of 5 stars!!
Nesha Semper
19:35 07 Feb 24
Dr. Guagua and staff are top of the line!!!! They provide amazing customer and Dr. G saved my uterus and gave me great odds to become a mother. I recommend them to any women that has been told to get a hysterectomy. They provide other less invasive options.
Maureen Combs
23:15 01 Feb 24
Dr. Gaugau and his staff are wonderful, caring, and comforting. Highly skilled and highly recommend!
Ivette Houston
12:41 01 Feb 24
I'm only a week in after the UFE, even though I did not experience any bleeding from my monthly cycle, mines were more due to the large fibroid on the left side causing numbness and tingling on the left side. After the procedure I experienced little cramping, however I'm a week in and have not experienced the numbness. I choose this procedure as I did not want anyone cutting on me.Dr.Gaugau and his staff provided excellent care doing and after the procedure. If you are thinking about having the UFE done I recommend The Fibroid Center Image Guided Surgery, LLC located in Clinton, Maryland.
00:47 31 Jan 24
Dr. Gaugau and his staff was AWESOME! they took great care of me and treated me like family. Thanks to them I feel like a new person.
Twana Adams
18:51 29 Jan 24
Hey lady you have Option did a very very good job on removing my fibroid don't have to get a hysterectomy.Ladies, give Dr. GAUGAU A CALL YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!
Kyara Squirewell
16:58 26 Jan 24
Thank you all so much for clearing the air after seeing numerous of doctors to finally hear the words “no fibroids”. What I have is not normal and for all the doctors that told me it is, I will never visit them again because I felt lied to. Thank you all so much, I will now take the next steps to figure this out and one day get back to my regular self. I’m grateful that I can finally relax on this issue and will be sending my female friends whoever experiences any issues.Update!!!!As of 01/26/24 I was told I have fibroids and have no clue when it came or why it wasn’t detected. So this was told to me at another doctor office.
Charlotte Ajuata
02:26 23 Jan 24
Dr. Nordine Gaugau is truly exceptional in his expertise regarding fibroids. His extensive knowledge and proficiency in addressing related concerns instill confidence in his patients. Dr. Gaugau's adept understanding of the subject matter is matched by his skillful execution of treatments, reflecting a high level of competence. What sets him apart is not only his medical prowess but also his remarkable bedside manners, creating a comfortable and supportive environment for patients.The positive experience extends beyond Dr. Gaugau himself; his staff members are a testament to outstanding customer service. Their cheerful demeanor and respectful approach make every interaction a pleasant one. The team's commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere leaves patients eager to return, fostering a sense of trust and satisfaction in the overall healthcare experience provided by Dr. Nordine Gaugau and his dedicated staff.I finally had my procedure today 1/22/2024 and i had a positive experience yet again with Dr. Nordine Gaugau during my procedure. His impeccable bedside manner stood out as he took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and address my questions. Nurse Bonnie, who prepared me was wonderful, displaying compassion by carefully choosing the best veins for the IV and ensuring minimal pain. Dr. Nordine Gaugau's receptionists impressed me with exceptional people skills, always making me feel good about myself and being very polite. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone struggling with fibroids. Thank me later
Whitney Britt
03:15 06 Jan 24
I had been sick from Covidthen found out I had a fibroid but when I met with my doctor, he secured me that everything would go well. After meeting him, I got my surgery the next week. I would like to thank you and your secretary, you all help your patients very well and I definitely refer your company to them because YALL ROCK
Erica Napier
14:34 30 Dec 23
Dr. GauGau and his staff, Nurse Bonnie and Keisha, were Awesome!!! Prior to the procedure. I had my consultation with Dr. GauGau. He showed me my fibroids and explained what he would do to remove them.They took care of me from the time I came through the door. Keisha made sure all paperwork was completed and I was comfortable. She told me she was a patient and she looks good!It felt good talking to someone who had gone through it and was able to calm my nerves. Prior to the procedure, Nurse Bonnie was thorough in explaining what the procedure would involve. She explained to me what every medication I took was for and what to expect from each. She checked on me before during and after the procedure to ensure I was doing well.Dr. GauGau professionalism and friendliness was expressed before, during and after the procedure. he had already explained the procedure during my consultation, so I knew what to expect. There was a time when he had to stop because of my sleep apnea. He explained what I needed to do and I did what was needed. I came back a month later for him to complete the procedure. When I tell you, I NEVER felt any pain, discomfort or pressure, believe it. I FELT NOTHING!!! he got them all, big and small. This fibroid embolization procedure he performed was OUTSTANDING -- To have a procedure done that did not require parts of my insides being removed was exactly what I needed. One week follow-up, I lost 16 pds. My final follow-up, I had lost another 10 pds totaling 26 pds lost and counting. My stomach has flattened, I have gone down one dress size, and my appetite has changed for the better. I'm more conscious of what I eat. Keisha said this would happen!If you suffer from fibroids, go talk to Dr. GauGau and hear the alternative, especially If your Dr. hasn't given you an alternative! This may be the best thing you will ever do!!!
T Elbey
01:23 20 Dec 23
Let me first thank god for letting me hear the commercial on the radio. I immediately remembered the name and researched the fibroid center. From my first call with Keisha to my visits with Dr. GauGau. This place was amazing. Dr. GauGau is very patient, and answered all of my questions. Dr. GauGau has an awesome bedside manner and is very knowledgeable. Bonnie who was my nurse is very attentive and makes sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. She also educates you well!!! I can’t say enough about the outstanding care I received. My symptoms of bloating, frequent urination, and constipation have greatly improved. I am so happy! My next steps is to see a fertility specialist.
Tanya Kelly
01:25 16 Dec 23
Dr. Gaugau and his staff put me at ease immediately when arrive at their office. Everyone was friendly and welcoming!
Rena Brinson
17:08 14 Dec 23
Dr. Gaugau is very knowledgeable and professional. He genuinely cares about his patients. I was very satisfied with my results. My procedure was September 11, 2023. I highly recommend this center for feminine needs.
Joyce Warner
21:42 28 Nov 23
Love Dr. G Super patient, procedure was a success, front desk staff and nurse also awesome! Highly recommend!
lashonn wright
18:44 21 Nov 23
The doctor and his staff are amazing I had my procedure done last Tuesday there was no pain. The Best doctor ever. I highly recommend this doctor.
ghazala ch
20:21 13 Nov 23
Amazing doctor and staff. I’ve had my procedure done three months ago and I have ZERO symptoms. I got my life back and I’m grateful to God for that.Ladies, you do have options! Don’t settle for hysterectomy or myomectomy. Call Dr. Gaugau. You won’t regret it!
Perry Dasilva
20:38 07 Nov 23
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. G and his staff, especially Ms. Keisha at the front desk. Dr. G takes his time to listen and educate you; not once did I felt "rushed" or judged. I suffered from terrible menstrual cramps (for many years), irregular and heavy periods and I've been going to different OB-GYNs and they couldn't find the problem and said my cramps are "normal" or it'll go away. My husband found this place and forced me to book an appointment (I hate going to the doctor). Well, turns out I had a few cysts on my ovaries which explains why I was constantly bloated and menstrual issues. So I had my UFE procedure in July 2023 which was relatively quick and painless. When I got home, I had a bad reaction to one of the pain meds but Dr. G and his staff responded quickly, even though he was in vacation. That really shows how much he cares for his patients. It's been a few months now since my procedure and I felt so much better. This place is so rare because in the medical field, you usually have doctors with terrible bedside manners or grumpy front staff. Ladies, do yourself a favor, stop the research and book an appointment with Dr. G.
Akeha Greene
18:04 06 Nov 23
Wonderful Experience with Dr. Gaugau.Uterine Fibroid Embolization treatment is awesome! And this practice is hands down top notch! I highly recommend them. You won’t regret it!
17:25 02 Nov 23
First let me start by saying how thankful and grateful I am to Dr. Gaugau and his amazing staff. EVERYONE was kind, professional, and hospitable( which is a lost art these days). Anyway Dr. Gaugau is extremely knowledgeable, he listens, and explains everything in great detail. And most importantly he made me understand that hysterectomy is NOT the only option for fibroid treatment. The fact that he did not force the hysterectomy as an option but presented ALL of the options to me means a lot and because of that I am able to make an informed and wiser decision.
Sabrina Chambers
18:44 01 Nov 23
I had my procedure last Wednesday October 25th. I had very little pain. Dr. Gaugau and his team is the best. From the front desk staff to the nurse. They all made sure I was tooken good care of. I went back today for my one week follow and I feel amazing. I wish I knew about Gaugau sooner. Trust me .You won't be disappointed.
18:40 26 Oct 23
I was referred to Dr. Gaugau by my cousin. She had the UFE procedure done in 2020. She was very pleased with her procedure and outcome so I decided to contact him myself. First off Miss Keisha is amazing. Her spirit and silly nature is so calming. We laughed and joked about life and our kids. Dr. Gaugau is also such a pleasure. It's great when you have a doctor that you can tell is knowledgeable and has excellent bedside manner. It also put me at ease. The nurse Bonnie is an absolute doll. She is down to earth and also has amazing bedside manner. Miss Dawn is sooo sweet too but you can tell she is a bit on the shy side. It is hard to find that in the medical field nowadays with so many people in burnout mode. But it is such a breath of fresh air to see it in all the departments in one place! I recommend Dr. Gaugau for anything dealing with your fibroids! The whole staff is great! 10/10!!!
Earlisha Anderson
22:21 23 Oct 23
Dr. Gau Gau and his clinical staff are amazing! From the 1st phone call to the office visit, everything was great! I will be back to post a review after the surgery! So glad I heard the advertisement on the radio and they are close to home!See you guys again soon and keep up the good work!Earlisha
Norma Humphries
01:51 20 Oct 23
I love visiting Dr. Gaugau and here are my reasons;1. Staff is personable, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful2. He is the ONLY doctor that I'm able to call during business hours and ask to speak with him to ask questions and I'm actually able to speak with him and ask questions.3. He and his staff take the time to ensure that you have all the information you need to make decisions and understand your medical history/condition. And, they welcome google research:)4. Ms. Keisha! I absolutely love her! She answers the phone saying my name, which I think is super sweet. She's really nice and made me feel extremely comfortable during my visits. Ms. Dawn is adorable as well! All of the staff are wonderful, but I only remember the names of those two:)I would highly recommend!!!! wish he was a primary care doctor, because I would make the switch;)
Opal Nicole
19:01 13 Oct 23
I 100% recommend Dr. Gaugau and the entire staff at Imaged Guided Surgery for UFE procedures. I suffered for a long time and missed out on several life events due to pain, severe cramping, bleeding, bloating etc with the only option being a hysterectomy UNTIL I met Dr. Gaugau. He was very professional, friendly and thorough. Once my procedure was over he and his staff followed up with me to make sure that I was doing ok even months after my procedure. I greatly appreciate Dr. Gaugau for giving me my life back!
Kendra YS
12:33 08 Oct 23
Short story: Dr Gau Gau tremendously improved my quality of life. I felt like the woman in the Bible that went to many physicians and finally found the answer with Dr. GauGau. His staff is amazing too. I highly recommend him! I’d be remiss if I did not compliment Keisha. She is an absolutely amazing person all around. She’ll make sure you feel comfortable. I would give more stars if I could.Long story: I normally wouldn’t post anything like this, but I thought it may help someone.My journey has been long and arduous. In 2017, I had an open myomectomy. Over 35 fibroids were removed. The recovery was somewhat difficult because I lost a lot of blood and had to build up my count, as I do not accept transfusions.In 2021, the pain became excruciating again. I changed my diet and did acupuncture. Acupuncture helped with the pain, but the bleeding became uncontrollable.I found myself in three obgyn/surgeons’ offices again. There I was with over 30 fibroids again. Of course, surgery was recommended by all of them. I selected the one who endeavored to preserve my fertility and respected my thoughts on blood. They were removed in April of 2022. The recovery was horrible!!!!In an effort to “stay healthy”, I only ate organic and continued with acupuncture. Well, no more than four months later, I was feeling a great deal of pain. It never crossed my mind that it could be the return of these little devils that quickly. I thought it was scarring or something else. I was wrong. Again, acupuncture helped make it manageable, but was not a full cure because I now had another condition caused by the surgeries.Well, I had UFE and I was the answer to my prayers. It is minimally invasive. In the past, I could only dream of being as coherent as I was after my surgeries. In addition, the pain was way more manageable than any other procedure. Also, I did not lose blood!!
rachel olomo
18:34 06 Oct 23
I had the UFE procedure in October 2022. It was successful. You are able to return with any questions and concerns and advice. Dr.Gau Gau is such a great doctor. I am glad I gave it a try, it was worth it.
Angela Davis
14:31 02 Oct 23
He is a excellent doctor and staff i recommend you see him
Marian Mavogo
21:51 26 Sep 23
I have been diagnosed with fibrous for the past 10 years. It was not easy for me, and also, I was not comfortable with myself, but I thank God, and Dr. Gaugau for my life. Dr. Gaugau was very patient with all the procedures fromthe very first time I when to see him. He reviewed my MRI, and told me I have multiple fibrous, and that he will do everything in his power to help me. After doing the UFE surgery, I am feeling much, much better. My cycle has become lesser. No more period pain. Now I can go out and not have to worry about my cycle. Thank you so much Dr. Gaugau, I do not know were to begin I appreciate you. Thank you for taking away the 10 years of burden from me.To anyone who is reading this, if you are going through the same thing, do not worry you are in a safe place. This had been one of the best decisions I ever made . Dr. Gaugau did it for me, he will do it for you too!Sincerely,Mariama Kamara
Joi Strong
14:00 22 Sep 23
What an amazing experience I had with this Dr. G, this was not my first time meeting him but he reminded me of what an amazing doctor he is with this visit. Not only did he help me with what I came to see him about but I expressed concerns about looking for a primary care doctor as well as an OB/GYN and he gave me referrals to two top-notch doctors that are right around the corner from him. I was actually able to get an appointment with the primary care doctor that same afternoon. I love Dr. G, he will forever be the doctor I see regarding my fibroids and I will refer everyone to him! Go see him now!!!!
Taleska Green-Sobah
01:08 20 Sep 23
In a world of academically sound physicians who are most interested in their bottom line, it is a blessing to still have physicians like Dr. Nordine Gaugau who remember the Hippocratic oath and elevate their practices through extraordinary care and insight into their clients conditions!
April Thompson
20:38 19 Sep 23
After being diagnosed with a very large fibroid I was instructed by my Gynecologist that I would probably need a hysterectomy but that I could look into something called UFE. I wanted to explore every possible option before even thinking about a hysterectomy. I contacted one Interventional Radiologist that was less than confident he could provide me with results I'd be happy with. Talk about a downer. I wasn't about to give up though. I read the reviews for Dr. Gau Gau and made an appointment. He reviewed my MRI and without a doubt said he could help. Today I near my one year anniversary of having UFE surgery. Best decision I ever made! My belly has gone down, my cycles are the lightest they've ever been and cramping is minimal if it happens at all. Dr. Gau Gau is patient, extremely knowledgeable and has a terrific team supporting him. I am so thankful I decided to come to him and you will be too!
I had a procedure a couple years ago and Dr. Gau Gau and his staff was amazing . He called me the next day to check on me . I recently started having some symptoms and wanted to make sure my fibroids did not come back . Dr. Gau Gau and his staff accommodated me with grace. I really appreciate the great customer service from him and his staff . Thank you Dr. Gau Gau and staff .Tina Gee
17:16 25 Aug 23
My life has been forever changed since my UFE procedure with Dr. Gaugau 3 months ago on 2/20/23. I'm no longer suffering from menstrual cramps or heavy bleeding. I highly recommend his services for any woman who want their life back. Call today and get your consultation of the different options available.
Raquel Freeman
17:45 31 Jul 23
This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I had been dealing with the bleeding of Fibroids since I was about 33 years old...I am now 52. I have had doctors tell me that it was not a big deal, that it would get better as I get older and it did not. I took birth control pills, changed my diet, stopped chemically processing my hair and everything else I could think if and nothing changed, and it got worse. I was not able to plan vacations, it was a struggle to commute to/from work, go to fun events or attend my son's games and it was just too much. I was finally referred to see Dr. Gaugau and it was an absolute blessing!!! The staff is superb, knowledgeable and very friendly. The receptionist comforted me and she assured me that if would be fine...and it was. Dr. Gaugau was very kind, understanding and explained in detail what would be done. I had my procedure on May 19th, when I had my follow up appointment with the doctor, I asked him "When will we know if it worked" and he simply said "your past is behind you now" and he was absolutely right! 2 months later and my life as completely changed. I had a very light cycle the following month and it has been the best cycle I have had in years. I have gotten my life back. I would absolutely refer this office for the treatment of fibroids! I am forever grateful! My only complaint is that I did not do this sooner!
Iuliia Kovaleva
14:44 26 Jul 23
I was suffering with a crazy bleeding because of the fibroids, it get to the point that I was bleeding few month in a row , doctors was trying to use hormone pills but it made my condition even worse ,getting at the hospital few times for the blood transfusion, barely alive. All what the doctors recommended me ,was to remove the uterus, but I was so against it. thanks God I found doctor G. amazing doctor , great stuff, they took care of me like I couldn’t even imagine ,supported me throw the whole process . After an hour operation , i m like a new person now , I m so happy I found doctor Gaugau 🙏 he is THE BEST
Denora Galtney
13:16 22 Jul 23
There aren't enough words or ways to describe how great of an experience I was provided with by Dr. Gaugau's office. Dr Gaugau and his staff are a rarity in healthcare. Dr. Gaugau is caring, witty, well versed in his field and he's just an all around good human. Women's health is one of those areas where physicians make us feel seen but not heard. I have felt, heard and seen I am so glad I made the decision to have Dr. Gaugau treat me. His staff listened and cared for me so well and made feel like I was the only patient that mattered. Fibroids are not only physically disruptive but mentally disruptive as well. Since have my procedure my body and mind are more at ease. For my Fibroid sisters reading this review and you are unsure whether you should see Dr. Gaugau, stop thinking and overanalyzing and make the appointment. You'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner.
Kyana Rhaney
22:43 14 Jul 23
I’ve been dealing with fibroids for years and it’s because ofDr. Gaugau that my periods are more manageable. My journey with him has been nothing but exceptional. Dr. Gaugau is very caring, knowledgeable, and professional.His staff is amazing! From the very beginning, Dr. Gaugau, RN Bonnie, and Keisha made sure I felt comfortable and supported throughout the entire UFE process. I am incredibly thankful for the care I received.Thank you Dr. Gaugau and Team !!!
16:09 27 Jun 23
I'm glad I was referred to Dr. Gaugau. He was the only doctor that was able to find what was causing me pain after 3 months of doctor & hospital visits. Dr. Gaugau is very professional as well as Ms. Keisha & his nurse. It' such a warming & caring environment. It's almost been a month since my procedure and I feel so much better. I definitely have and will continue to refer Dr. Gaugau & his staff.
April Neal
21:48 25 Jun 23
If you are ever struggling with uterine fibroids, I highly recommend Dr. Gau Gau and his team. They all made me feel so comfortable and cared for through out the entire UFE process. I had the procedure 2 weeks ago and I already feel so much better. I'm so happy results and glad I wasn't pressured to get a myomectomy. Please give this amazing team a try if you're currently struggling with uterine fibroids.
Cordelia Malai
15:58 22 Jun 23
I had a good experience here. Please if you have any type of fibroid. I am telling you he is the best. No surgery and mild pain for just 3 days.
Ana Porquin
16:02 21 Jun 23
I recommend Dr. Gaugau @ imaged guided surgery and doing the embolization procedure as an alternative route is the ways the best way to go.After being diagnosed with fibroids and looking for options on how to treat them without having major surgery; I sought different doctors' opinions, but all led to the same option, a hysterectomy..... that was not an option for me. INFORMATION is knowledge! You have options! If you are dealing with fibroids issues contact the Imaged Guided Surgery center asap and get the best treatment, it was worth the ride from Rockville, MD to Clinton MD.After seeing Dr. Gaugau and having explained to me step by step what would take place during the procedure, I was satisfied and decided to move forward with the procedure. I liked the fact that he was not so quick to want to do a hysterectomy and informed me of the other options. I am grateful! The procedure was a great success! I didn't have a hysterectomy and had great results with the embolization. One week after the procedure I'm feeling like myself.Thank you and your staff for all your help and support ( Keisha and RN Bonnie ) 🫶🏾🙏🏽😊
shameka price
15:28 19 Jun 23
I recently went to get a procedure here, the staff is amazing front desk staff Cheyla and Kesha made me feel so welcome. Ms.Kesha made me feel so safe like I was her daughter. Ms.Bonnie was amazing and patient. They made me feel so secure. I would 100% recommend this office, they are very caring and attentive to your every need. I can call at anytime and they are very professional and detailed with my condition . Dr.GauGau is a phenomenal doctor overall !
17:15 09 Jun 23
Having the fibroid embolization by Dr. Gaugau was the best decision I could have made. I am very happy with the results. His team (front desk and nurse) were very welcoming and genuinely caring.
07:48 07 Jun 23
Thanks Be to God! I have been suffering from fibroids for many years. I knew in my spirit that it was time to call for a consultation after listening to the radio commercial. I had my procedure 2 months ago in April 2023. I am relieved that I am no longer experiencing excessive bleeding. It would be nice if most doctors had the same awesome bedside manner as Dr. Gaugau. Thank you Dr. Gaugau, Keisha, and nurse Bonnie! I am full of gratitude!
Kira & Kidz WoRld
20:09 30 May 23
Let me start by giving a huge “Thank You” to God! For leading me to Dr.G, his staff and “Amazing” Assistant Keisha. This journey with Fibroids was very frightening from the start, not ever experiencing something like this. Hearing how severe my condition was, all the bad long term outcomes, to being told I needed a Hysterectomy. ATP I lost all hope, confidence and felt like life was done with no options because I wanted more children. Until, I found “The Fibroid Master” Dr.G. After a visit and test he assured me 100% this could be corrected with different options. He’s very knowledgeable, experienced and has mastered his craft. I am very honored to be a patient! Also, pleased to say that I am one of very few to have passed a Fibroid vaginally and have a 5% chance of Fibroids returning. Big Shoutout to Dr.G 🥇🙏🏽
R. McDaniel
11:02 22 May 23
Dr Gau Gau is a very thorough and caring doctor who actually listens to his patient. He doesn't try to rush through the appointment with you. He took the time to make sure I understood my diagnosis, diagnostic exams and the UFE procedure. Weeks later he even gave me a walk-in appointment so he could re-examine my MRI when my pain returned; it was at that appointment that he discovered an unrelated issue, told me what I needed and which type of doctor to see for it. I highly recommend him. From the front office to his office everyone is caring and professional. Excellent Dr!
tanya jenkins
15:45 15 May 23
The procedure went well it works feeling much better amazing staff doctor and nurse keep up the great work.
Keisha Brown
13:46 14 May 23
I can’t say enough about Dr. Gau Gau and his office. From my consultation to the procedure, Dr Gau Gau and his office have been the most professional, honest and helpful doctors office I have been to. I had the UFE done on August 10, 22 and 9 months later I’m really sooo much better. My stomach is flattening, periods are lighter, no cramping and don’t feel heavy in stomach area like before. All in all this was the best decision made and Dr. G continues to reassure me that it’ll get better and it is. Ladies, if you are on the fence about this procedure, please don’t be! Dr. G is one of the best in this area and he will not only treat you with respect, but he will also advocate on your behalf when others tell you differently. He is definitely about helping women to preserve their uterus and using a less invasive way of treating fibroids. I highly recommend him. Not to mention his office staff are AMAZING! The ladies are always so pleasant and more than willing to help the patients. So ladies please schedule your consultation and get back quality of life.
Michele Pinkney
13:39 10 May 23
My health was deteriorating, i had lack of energy, lots of sleepless nights, major weight gain in the mid section. And i knew something was wrong, because i was too tired when i would get off work, but work wasn't even tiring. No extra energy to do anything fun, exercise forget about it, it was a passing thought. It took me awhile to complete the MRI bc of pre menopausal anxieties. But once it was done i had my treatment surgery it was an aggressive case. Dr GauGau and staff took great care of me. Explained all that was gonna happen before and after the treatment. I was able to call them with any questions aday later that came up. I got my health back just completed my 1st week check up it went amazing i've been on multiple walks not sluggish anymore and loss some majo weight as well. So ladies we dont have to get hysterectomies, for fibroids anymore unless you choose it. Best decision that was shown me was about Dr Nordine Gau Gau he's great at what he's been bless to do for woman. Front desk Ms Kesha so warm and welcoming, and my nurse she rocked took her time and care with me. Five star establishment.💫🌟⭐️
Aniceka Points
18:09 09 May 23
The best decision ever, go see Dr. Nordine Gaugau , before you decide to get a hysterectomy!🌟🙏🏾🌞
K White
19:06 26 Apr 23
Just had surgery a week ago. It was in and out. The whole process prior to my procedure was seamless. I was a nervous wreck, but I was reassured throughout the process. During my surgery, the nurse and Dr took good care of me. What I love most, everything was explained to me in full details and everything they were doing to set me up for surgery was explained. And mostly, you won't see where you had your surgery. My recovery went well as long as you take the meds and follow drs orders you will be fine. I will recommend people to go here. The front desk Secretary is very sweet. Everyone is so nice. Dr. Gaugau has a great sense of humor that puts your mind at ease.
aisha harris
15:39 24 Apr 23
Dr. G and his team are truly amazing. I can say that I had the procedure done to cure my fibroids the plus toot all is my stomach is now flatter than it has ever been and years and I am down 10 pounds. That is a plus to getting the uterine fibroid uterine embolization. Thanks Dr.G and team! The staff is so friendly and they make me want to quit my job and apply for a job there.
15:37 17 Apr 23
When I tell you Dr. Nordine Gaugau is the Goat, the best in town. I went to have some fibroids removed that give me some unwanted belly fat and a week after my procedure my belly is flat again. I love the staff in his office they are nice and professional. They're always made feel like I was important regardless of my concerns or questions.
Shameka Yarbrough
15:06 12 Apr 23
Ladies Consider seeing Dr. Gaugau and his team for your fibroid needs. They are all awesome and took great care of me!
MizzLady Belle
19:12 28 Mar 23
Let me start by saying Dr. Gaugau and his staff are phenomenal!!! They are kind, caring and very knowledgeable about uterine fibroids. I’ve suffered from fibroids for more than ten years. I had a myomectomy many years ago, but so many new fibroids appeared over the years since. I experienced debilitating, heavy and painful periods. I met with Dr. Gaugau and he was very thorough, open and honest about the UFE procedure. I like that he tailors the procedure to your specific needs because no two people are alike/have the same issues. I’ve learned so much from him throughout the process. He is very kind and soooo easy to talk to.I am currently one week post op and I feel great! The UFE procedure was painless and was completed a little under an hour. The nurse was really great!! She made sure I was comfortable and was very detailed when explaining the purpose/effects of the medication I received during the procedure and the meds I needed to take at home after the procedure. By the way, my prescriptions were filled right away; no waiting for hours at the pharmacy. The nurse went over the instructions again once I received my prescriptions prior to my release from the doctors office. Once again she was thorough and gave simple and easy instructions throughout the process and was soooo pleasant to talk to.Last but not least, the front desk manager/receptionist was also great!! Each visit she greeted me with a smile. She is so pleasant and joy to talk to. She made sure my wait to see the doctor was comfortable and pleasant. She communicated very clear and effectively. She also offered water and tissue without having to ask. The smallest gestures make a huge impact. She was very attentive and she genuinely looked out for my best interest!Ladies, if you suffer from fibroids, please visit Dr. Gaugau and his team! They will take great, great, great care of you!Obiamaka
Marsha Pile
16:43 16 Mar 23
Dr. Gaugau and his team saved my life. He is knowledgeable, professional and honest. Excellent service, excellent work....
Monique Akisanya
12:59 14 Mar 23
All I can say is wow! Dr Gaugua and his team are amazing! This team has ensured I was equipped with understanding of my procedure cheered me up spoke so positively. Apart from being extremely patient and kind they checked on me consistently Kiesha at the front desk is a blessing she ensured she followed up with me at all times the procedure was a success and I can only say thank you to an amazing team of professionals that believe the importance of health care and the opportunities that plague black health care.
Tippy Thomas
05:48 08 Mar 23
LADIES!!!!!!! If you have been diagnosed with fibroids, Please seek a second opinion at this office before hysterectomy or laparoscopic surgery. In 2016, I had the laparoscopic surgery for fibroid removal, stayed a few nights in the hospital, out of work for a few months. Three years later fibroids returned, along with issues. I heard advertisement for Dr. Gaugau and called. Ms. Keisa D., the receptionist, unknowingly help calm me. My blood pressure and new doctor anxiety kicked in. She is so patient and understanding. Dr. Gaugau, listened to me and my concerns. I learned from him, the issues I had been dealing with was due to my fibroids. I had constant low back pain, frequent urination, ridiculous bloating, fatigue, iron deficiency. I already knew about the heavy cycle flow and cramping. I was almost in tears when Dr. Gaugau told me I probably didn't need to get the laparoscopic surgery done years ago. I have belly keloids from that surgery. I wished that i heard about Dr. Gaugau in 2016. My fibroid embolization procedure was done about three weeks ago. Ms. Bonnie, the nurse/tech, amazing! She explains everything to me as plain as possible. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout procedure and recovery. The procedure took about 45 minutes and few hours recovery before allowed to go home. In two days I was up and moving. I was off pain meds after third day. Im going back to work this week. I have lost 4lbs. Minimum low back pain. I cant even tell where the incision was made. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. Please get a second opinion, Please include Dr, Gaugau's office in your research.
Oladiji Realty
07:36 07 Mar 23
Dr. Gaugau is honestly an angel in disguise. My husband and I were trying to have a baby. However, I was in my mid-30s and ended up having a miscarriage. We figured that the miscarriage was due to my age. Time passed, and I started to notice some serious symptoms. I gained over 100 lbs, was bleeding to the point that I was wearing diapers, constant pain, feeling weak and lethargic due to the severe blood loss. I am from I ended up going to a highly recommended gynecologist. The doctor told me that I had fibroads. She stated that they were extremely large and that the only 2 options I had were a historectomy or adoption. I went to 7 other doctors in Chicago...only for them to tell me the same thing. I started to look outside of Chicago, and thats how I found Dr. Gaugau. The 1st time we talked, he told me to overnight him a recent MRI disc for him to review. He reviewed the discs and told me that I needed to do an emergency embolization within 48-72 hours. So me, my husband, and our 8 week old Yorkie flew to Maryland to get the surgery done. Before the surgery, Dr. G asked me what I wanted to do with my uterus. I said I wanted kids. He told me that if I listened to him, and followed his instructions, I would surely be able to conceive. I was 100% skeptical. After the embolization, I flew back to Chicago. I waited 30 days and then went back to Maryland for the myomectomy. Dr. G was by my side the entire time. Calling me and my husband daily...even giving us his personal cell phone and calling us in the middle of every night!!! I have NEVER experienced any type of care like this from any medical professional. Long story short...shortly after Dr. G gave me and my husband the green light to try...I became pregnant!! Even during my pregnancy in Chicago, Dr. G still kept in contact with us to make sure we were comfortable with our current doctor and had no additional questions. Over 13 doctors told me I was not able to give birth. Dr. G was the ONLY doctor who stated otherwise. I'm glad to announce that I just gave birth to a healthy 8lbs baby boy and carried him for 38 weeks!!! After giving birth, I called Dr Gaugau. He laughed and said, "Now do you believe me!" lol. If you or anyone you know is having issues with fibroads, or any other feminine problems.... PLEASE do not hesitate to give Dr. Gaugau's office a call. His staff is top-notch and kind. I guarantee that you will never regret the day you contacted his office. It was honestly a life changing experience that I could never and will never forget!
Gf Gf
19:23 06 Mar 23
Ladies please if you have ovarian Fibroids do not have to have a hysterectomy.. Here at the fibroid center they will take very good care of you and offer you a non surgical procedure to takes care of your fibroids .. I myself had the procedure and not only do I feel more frequent urinating stopped .. I lost weight .. and I was back to my normal self in a week after the procedure.. The loving staff makes you feel very safe and comfortable.. call and make a consultation today.
Bernice Brooks
03:51 23 Feb 23
Dr. Gau Gau and staff was very professional they all answers your questions and help you get prepare for your surgery. When you needed to talk to him from home about a issue he return your call or his staff. I will recommend him to any women you have a problems with fibroids and heavy menstrual periods.
Donita Martin
19:47 15 Feb 23
So I had my Fibroids finally removed here, and it was a very smooth process! I am very happy that I listened to my body and payed attention to the important factors on having an MRI to distinguish the problems which is very important to have done, also had to have the lining on the uterus thining, so I had two very successful procedures done here in one day in less then hour. This is a very good doctor and the staff itself are great and make you feel at home. This doctor(Dr. Gau Gua) is very patient and listens well. With out the thinning of my lining I would have had to had an emergency hysterectomy eventually. This wonderful doctor assess the problems and got things done, and I feel great and it's only been a week less down is perfect!
Malissa Long
12:39 01 Feb 23
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful concern in regard to my health and providing me with excellent medical care. Dr.Gaugua is a excellent doctor I recommend people to go to see Dr.Gaugua His office is in Clinton Md you would love him. He is nice and kind and would answer all of your questions. You don’t have to have a Hysterectomy go to see Dr. Gaugua!!
Amber Bennett
19:35 26 Dec 22
For about 2 years, I would have extremely painful and heavy periods. Even after the period I felt bloated and weak . I found out a year ago I was severely anemic and began weekly to biweekly iron infusions …. Dr Silverbrook , my OBGYN, recommended that I see Dr Gaugau. THE BEST RECOMMENDATION EVER … I was so happy that I did not have to get a hysterectomy or even a myomectomy !!! Dr Gaugau showed me a video of the procedure I would get to remedy endometriosis and fibroids ! On the day of the procedure, it’s tru I was so nervous but he kept cracking jokes so much it really helped me relax! All I can say is thank God for him and this procedure … there is absolutely no scaring and my waistline is significantly reduced !!!🥳 Finally , the nurses and Dr Gaugau himself called me almost everyday for week after the procedure to check on me and answer any questions I had ! I am so glad I got this procedure ! I got this procedure Dec 16th 2022 and I have not only lost weight but I feel soooooooo much better ! Recovery takes only a week !!!! I am encouraged to inform so many other women about Dr Gaugau’s procedure … if I could give him 10 stars I would … I will forever be thankful to him ! God Bless Dr Gaugau and his entire medical staff ❤️
Masterpiece Dee
18:19 19 Dec 22
I truly was missing out on having my fibroids removed, because of the fear of having a hysterectomy. I met Dr Gaugau in Clinton Maryland and without a hysterectomy has made my life so much easier. He removed my fibroids and my menstrual cycle is so much lighter and less symptoms. If you are experiencing fibroids contact Dr Gaugau's office. You will not be disappointed.
Tammi Carter
19:10 21 Nov 22
Dr. Gaugau is amazing!!! He literally saved my uterus!!! I had severe period bleeding coupled with being on blood thinner medication made my periods unbearable. Dr. Gaugau performed a UFE (uterine fibroid embolization) and it has literally changed my quality of life! !! I am so thankful that I didn’t need to have a hysterectomy and that the UFE was the best option for me. Many women are told they need hysterectomies due to fibroids when that isn’t true. There are non-invasive alternatives for us!! The UFE is a non-invasive alternative that works!!! I am forever grateful to Dr. Gaugau and his staff. Everyone is so personable and amazing!!
Shernita Carty
21:07 08 Nov 22
I had a wonderful experience with Dr Gaugau. He was very detailed and honest with me about my options. I chose not to have a hysterectomy and am happy with my results. Nurse Bonnie made me comfortable preparing me for the procedure and explained everything to me step by step. The front desk staff is very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this office.
Angela White
01:04 08 Nov 22
Finally, a honest, professional and trusted provider. I was referred years and ago and should have come then. However, this experience saved my health and gave me second chance. In just months lost 40-lbs, as the procedure gave me the kick start I needed to get my pre-pandemic life back on track. Both the front and back staff are amazing. Dr. Gaugau deserves to recognized for bringing this quality back to healthcare. We as patients deserve someone who listens, responds with empathy and brings his experience.