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From the very beginning, Dr. Gaugau and staff were very informative and respectful. My apt were always straight to the point. Once my procedure was done I immediately felt relief. It's been three months since my surgery and I feel like a new person. My body isn't always so tired and my skin is glowing. Thank you!!

- India Greene,

Dr. G is awesome! His staff is professional and friendly. Dr. G was so informative about the entire UFE process. He made me feel very comfortable about the procedure. I am so glad that I decided to have my UFE procedure done. I was having immobilizing pain, heavy periods, bloating, anemia, and my hands and feet were cold all the time. After the procedure, I feel like a different person. All of my symptoms are completely GONE! I lost 10 pounds and my stomach is flatter. Dr. G truly cares about his patients. He even took the time to call me the day after the procedure. I would highly recommend! He is the BEST! This by far the best experience I have ever had! If you are searching for a fibroid center- look no more. Make your appointment today. šŸ™‚

- Intellectually Speight,

I highly recommend Dr. Gaugau for fibroid issues. I was totally satisfied with his practice and staff.

- Debra Holmes,

As a medical professional, I believe it is important to understand all of your treatment options for any condition. Prior to meeting Dr. Gaugau, I was told by several gynecologists that hysterectomy was my only treatment option for my symptomatic fibroids. However, after doing some research of my own, I discovered fibroid embolization. During my consultation, Dr. Gaugau thoroughly explained fibroid embolization for the treatment of symptomatic fibroids. He was knowledgeable, compassionate, and explained every step of the process to me. My procedure with Dr. Gaugau went very well. There was no pain during the procedure and I was able to go home the same day. Within a week, my symptoms drastically improved. I highly recommend Dr. Gaugau and his caring staff to anyone interested in having fibroid embolization. No incisions and no lengthy recovery - it was the perfect solution for my symptomatic fibroids.

- Alita Gothard,

DR G. And his team were very professional, they keep you very comfortable throughout the whole procedure. I decided to get the UFE based on my Severe anemia. Every since i had the procedure my cycles are only lasting three days instead of 7 days with little to no cramping and no heavy flows. Iā€™m less tired then usual and i avoided getting a hysterectomy, i made one of the best decisions.

- Shirley Mobley,

Ladies, if you have fibroid issues I highly highly recommend Dr. Gaugau for your embolization procedure. He is absolutely the best at explaining and making sure you understand the procedure and outcome. I am completely satisfied, he has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to have met him. The staff is also great from the front door to the back of the office. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

- Tammy Massey,

Dr Gaugau and his staff are simply amazing! Very personable, professional & pleasant people. I had several fibroids inside & outside my uterus that were growing. Dr Gaugau talked with me as if I were a family member, very compassionate, knowledge and passionate about his work. He recommended I get a MRI then allowed me to make the decision on which procedure I wanted to undergo. I chose imbolization after doing my own research and I'm extremely pleased with my results. I get to keep my organ and my energy level is up. I'm headed towards a better me & you deserve the same minus the heavy periods and the abdominal pain! You will be glad you were treated by Dr. Gaugau, I am!

- Sherrise Hall,

I was scared at first. My OB told me that I had to undergo 2 surgical procedures. I was referred to Dr. Gaugau for a second opinion. The office was very professional. After deciding to do the procedure with Dr. Gaugau, I found out that I had more fibroids than what my OB told me I had. After the procedure, I recovered for about 1 week. I noticed that I feel more alert in the mornings and my overall mood has been better. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Gaugau's office.

- Monet Rogers,

Dr. Gaugau is a wonderful doctor that has given me a peace of mind for symptoms I have been experiencing for years. Without proper and thorough diagnoses from my OBGYN, Dr. Gaugua is the physician who efficiently viewed my scan and took his time to fully explain in details the results and what I was experiencing. Those symptoms had finally been resolved due to the safe non-invasive procedure he performed. He informed me exactly what would occur before and after the procedure. I felt comfortable especially knowing I would finally begin to enjoy life a little better. I truly appreciate the concern he has for his patients when he calls to check on them the day after the procedure and his staff professionalism and concern they have for patient's recovery.

- Cherrell New,

Iā€™m so thankful that i found Dr.G and his team they were so nice and made everything work for me and i feel like a new person thank you so much Dr.G.

- casmine mugg,