R. McDaniel
11:02 22 May 23
Dr Gau Gau is a very thorough and caring doctor who actually listens to his patient. He doesn't try to rush through the appointment with you. He took the time to make sure I understood my diagnosis, diagnostic exams and the UFE procedure. Weeks later he even gave me a walk-in appointment so he could re-examine my MRI when my pain returned; it was at that appointment that he discovered an unrelated issue, told me what I needed and which type of doctor to see for it. I highly recommend him. From the front office to his office everyone is caring and professional. Excellent Dr!
Alicia “Lish”
18:39 17 May 23
My life has been forever changed since my UFE procedure with Dr. Gaugau 3 months ago on 2/20/23. I'm no longer suffering from menstrual cramps or heavy bleeding. I highly recommend his services for any woman who want their life back. Call today and get your consultation of the different options available.
tanya jenkins
15:45 15 May 23
The procedure went well it works feeling much better amazing staff doctor and nurse keep up the great work.
Keisha Brown
13:46 14 May 23
I can’t say enough about Dr. Gau Gau and his office. From my consultation to the procedure, Dr Gau Gau and his office have been the most professional, honest and helpful doctors office I have been to. I had the UFE done on August 10, 22 and 9 months later I’m really sooo much better. My stomach is flattening, periods are lighter, no cramping and don’t feel heavy in stomach area like before. All in all this was the best decision made and Dr. G continues to reassure me that it’ll get better and it is. Ladies, if you are on the fence about this procedure, please don’t be! Dr. G is one of the best in this area and he will not only treat you with respect, but he will also advocate on your behalf when others tell you differently. He is definitely about helping women to preserve their uterus and using a less invasive way of treating fibroids. I highly recommend him. Not to mention his office staff are AMAZING! The ladies are always so pleasant and more than willing to help the patients. So ladies please schedule your consultation and get back quality of life.
Michele Pinkney
13:39 10 May 23
My health was deteriorating, i had lack of energy, lots of sleepless nights, major weight gain in the mid section. And i knew something was wrong, because i was too tired when i would get off work, but work wasn't even tiring. No extra energy to do anything fun, exercise forget about it, it was a passing thought. It took me awhile to complete the MRI bc of pre menopausal anxieties. But once it was done i had my treatment surgery it was an aggressive case. Dr GauGau and staff took great care of me. Explained all that was gonna happen before and after the treatment. I was able to call them with any questions aday later that came up. I got my health back just completed my 1st week check up it went amazing i've been on multiple walks not sluggish anymore and loss some majo weight as well. So ladies we dont have to get hysterectomies, for fibroids anymore unless you choose it. Best decision that was shown me was about Dr Nordine Gau Gau he's great at what he's been bless to do for woman. Front desk Ms Kesha so warm and welcoming, and my nurse she rocked took her time and care with me. Five star establishment.💫🌟⭐️
Aniceka Points
18:09 09 May 23
The best decision ever, go see Dr. Nordine Gaugau , before you decide to get a hysterectomy!🌟🙏🏾🌞
K White
19:06 26 Apr 23
Just had surgery a week ago. It was in and out. The whole process prior to my procedure was seamless. I was a nervous wreck, but I was reassured throughout the process. During my surgery, the nurse and Dr took good care of me. What I love most, everything was explained to me in full details and everything they were doing to set me up for surgery was explained. And mostly, you won't see where you had your surgery. My recovery went well as long as you take the meds and follow drs orders you will be fine. I will recommend people to go here. The front desk Secretary is very sweet. Everyone is so nice. Dr. Gaugau has a great sense of humor that puts your mind at ease.
aisha harris
15:39 24 Apr 23
Dr. G and his team are truly amazing. I can say that I had the procedure done to cure my fibroids the plus toot all is my stomach is now flatter than it has ever been and years and I am down 10 pounds. That is a plus to getting the uterine fibroid uterine embolization. Thanks Dr.G and team! The staff is so friendly and they make me want to quit my job and apply for a job there.
15:37 17 Apr 23
When I tell you Dr. Nordine Gaugau is the Goat, the best in town. I went to have some fibroids removed that give me some unwanted belly fat and a week after my procedure my belly is flat again. I love the staff in his office they are nice and professional. They're always made feel like I was important regardless of my concerns or questions.
Shameka Yarbrough
15:06 12 Apr 23
Ladies Consider seeing Dr. Gaugau and his team for your fibroid needs. They are all awesome and took great care of me!
MizzLady Belle
19:12 28 Mar 23
Let me start by saying Dr. Gaugau and his staff are phenomenal!!! They are kind, caring and very knowledgeable about uterine fibroids. I’ve suffered from fibroids for more than ten years. I had a myomectomy many years ago, but so many new fibroids appeared over the years since. I experienced debilitating, heavy and painful periods. I met with Dr. Gaugau and he was very thorough, open and honest about the UFE procedure. I like that he tailors the procedure to your specific needs because no two people are alike/have the same issues. I’ve learned so much from him throughout the process. He is very kind and soooo easy to talk to.I am currently one week post op and I feel great! The UFE procedure was painless and was completed a little under an hour. The nurse was really great!! She made sure I was comfortable and was very detailed when explaining the purpose/effects of the medication I received during the procedure and the meds I needed to take at home after the procedure. By the way, my prescriptions were filled right away; no waiting for hours at the pharmacy. The nurse went over the instructions again once I received my prescriptions prior to my release from the doctors office. Once again she was thorough and gave simple and easy instructions throughout the process and was soooo pleasant to talk to.Last but not least, the front desk manager/receptionist was also great!! Each visit she greeted me with a smile. She is so pleasant and joy to talk to. She made sure my wait to see the doctor was comfortable and pleasant. She communicated very clear and effectively. She also offered water and tissue without having to ask. The smallest gestures make a huge impact. She was very attentive and she genuinely looked out for my best interest!Ladies, if you suffer from fibroids, please visit Dr. Gaugau and his team! They will take great, great, great care of you!Obiamaka
Marsha Pile
16:43 16 Mar 23
Dr. Gaugau and his team saved my life. He is knowledgeable, professional and honest. Excellent service, excellent work....
Monique Akisanya
12:59 14 Mar 23
All I can say is wow! Dr Gaugua and his team are amazing! This team has ensured I was equipped with understanding of my procedure cheered me up spoke so positively. Apart from being extremely patient and kind they checked on me consistently Kiesha at the front desk is a blessing she ensured she followed up with me at all times the procedure was a success and I can only say thank you to an amazing team of professionals that believe the importance of health care and the opportunities that plague black health care.
Tippy Thomas
05:48 08 Mar 23
LADIES!!!!!!! If you have been diagnosed with fibroids, Please seek a second opinion at this office before hysterectomy or laparoscopic surgery. In 2016, I had the laparoscopic surgery for fibroid removal, stayed a few nights in the hospital, out of work for a few months. Three years later fibroids returned, along with issues. I heard advertisement for Dr. Gaugau and called. Ms. Keisa D., the receptionist, unknowingly help calm me. My blood pressure and new doctor anxiety kicked in. She is so patient and understanding. Dr. Gaugau, listened to me and my concerns. I learned from him, the issues I had been dealing with was due to my fibroids. I had constant low back pain, frequent urination, ridiculous bloating, fatigue, iron deficiency. I already knew about the heavy cycle flow and cramping. I was almost in tears when Dr. Gaugau told me I probably didn't need to get the laparoscopic surgery done years ago. I have belly keloids from that surgery. I wished that i heard about Dr. Gaugau in 2016. My fibroid embolization procedure was done about three weeks ago. Ms. Bonnie, the nurse/tech, amazing! She explains everything to me as plain as possible. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout procedure and recovery. The procedure took about 45 minutes and few hours recovery before allowed to go home. In two days I was up and moving. I was off pain meds after third day. Im going back to work this week. I have lost 4lbs. Minimum low back pain. I cant even tell where the incision was made. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. Please get a second opinion, Please include Dr, Gaugau's office in your research.
Oladiji Realty
07:36 07 Mar 23
Dr. Gaugau is honestly an angel in disguise. My husband and I were trying to have a baby. However, I was in my mid-30s and ended up having a miscarriage. We figured that the miscarriage was due to my age. Time passed, and I started to notice some serious symptoms. I gained over 100 lbs, was bleeding to the point that I was wearing diapers, constant pain, feeling weak and lethargic due to the severe blood loss. I am from Chicago...so I ended up going to a highly recommended gynecologist. The doctor told me that I had fibroads. She stated that they were extremely large and that the only 2 options I had were a historectomy or adoption. I went to 7 other doctors in Chicago...only for them to tell me the same thing. I started to look outside of Chicago, and thats how I found Dr. Gaugau. The 1st time we talked, he told me to overnight him a recent MRI disc for him to review. He reviewed the discs and told me that I needed to do an emergency embolization within 48-72 hours. So me, my husband, and our 8 week old Yorkie flew to Maryland to get the surgery done. Before the surgery, Dr. G asked me what I wanted to do with my uterus. I said I wanted kids. He told me that if I listened to him, and followed his instructions, I would surely be able to conceive. I was 100% skeptical. After the embolization, I flew back to Chicago. I waited 30 days and then went back to Maryland for the myomectomy. Dr. G was by my side the entire time. Calling me and my husband daily...even giving us his personal cell phone and calling us in the middle of every night!!! I have NEVER experienced any type of care like this from any medical professional. Long story short...shortly after Dr. G gave me and my husband the green light to try...I became pregnant!! Even during my pregnancy in Chicago, Dr. G still kept in contact with us to make sure we were comfortable with our current doctor and had no additional questions. Over 13 doctors told me I was not able to give birth. Dr. G was the ONLY doctor who stated otherwise. I'm glad to announce that I just gave birth to a healthy 8lbs baby boy and carried him for 38 weeks!!! After giving birth, I called Dr Gaugau. He laughed and said, "Now do you believe me!" lol. If you or anyone you know is having issues with fibroads, or any other feminine problems.... PLEASE do not hesitate to give Dr. Gaugau's office a call. His staff is top-notch and kind. I guarantee that you will never regret the day you contacted his office. It was honestly a life changing experience that I could never and will never forget!
Gf Gf
19:23 06 Mar 23
Ladies please if you have ovarian Fibroids ..you do not have to have a hysterectomy.. Here at the fibroid center they will take very good care of you and offer you a non surgical procedure to takes care of your fibroids .. I myself had the procedure and not only do I feel more healthier..my frequent urinating stopped .. I lost weight .. and I was back to my normal self in a week after the procedure.. The loving staff makes you feel very safe and comfortable.. call and make a consultation today.
Bernice Brooks
03:51 23 Feb 23
Dr. Gau Gau and staff was very professional they all answers your questions and help you get prepare for your surgery. When you needed to talk to him from home about a issue he return your call or his staff. I will recommend him to any women you have a problems with fibroids and heavy menstrual periods.
Donita Martin
19:47 15 Feb 23
So I had my Fibroids finally removed here, and it was a very smooth process! I am very happy that I listened to my body and payed attention to the important factors on having an MRI to distinguish the problems which is very important to have done, also had to have the lining on the uterus thining, so I had two very successful procedures done here in one day in less then hour. This is a very good doctor and the staff itself are great and make you feel at home. This doctor(Dr. Gau Gua) is very patient and listens well. With out the thinning of my lining I would have had to had an emergency hysterectomy eventually. This wonderful doctor assess the problems and got things done, and I feel great and it's only been a week less down is perfect!
Alexus Lewis
15:25 08 Feb 23
The doctor was amazing ! The hospital suggested I get surgery because I had two fibroids so I decided to get a second opinion. I came here and after they performed a mri discovered I didn’t have any fibroids and saved me a surgery, they were able to detect a different issue not related to fibroids
Malissa Long
12:39 01 Feb 23
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful concern in regard to my health and providing me with excellent medical care. Dr.Gaugua is a excellent doctor I recommend people to go to see Dr.Gaugua His office is in Clinton Md you would love him. He is nice and kind and would answer all of your questions. You don’t have to have a Hysterectomy go to see Dr. Gaugua!!
Amber Bennett
19:35 26 Dec 22
For about 2 years, I would have extremely painful and heavy periods. Even after the period I felt bloated and weak . I found out a year ago I was severely anemic and began weekly to biweekly iron infusions …. Dr Silverbrook , my OBGYN, recommended that I see Dr Gaugau. THE BEST RECOMMENDATION EVER … I was so happy that I did not have to get a hysterectomy or even a myomectomy !!! Dr Gaugau showed me a video of the procedure I would get to remedy endometriosis and fibroids ! On the day of the procedure, it’s tru I was so nervous but he kept cracking jokes so much it really helped me relax! All I can say is thank God for him and this procedure … there is absolutely no scaring and my waistline is significantly reduced !!!🥳 Finally , the nurses and Dr Gaugau himself called me almost everyday for week after the procedure to check on me and answer any questions I had ! I am so glad I got this procedure ! I got this procedure Dec 16th 2022 and I have not only lost weight but I feel soooooooo much better ! Recovery takes only a week !!!! I am encouraged to inform so many other women about Dr Gaugau’s procedure … if I could give him 10 stars I would … I will forever be thankful to him ! God Bless Dr Gaugau and his entire medical staff ❤️
Masterpiece Dee
18:19 19 Dec 22
I truly was missing out on having my fibroids removed, because of the fear of having a hysterectomy. I met Dr Gaugau in Clinton Maryland and without a hysterectomy has made my life so much easier. He removed my fibroids and my menstrual cycle is so much lighter and less symptoms. If you are experiencing fibroids contact Dr Gaugau's office. You will not be disappointed.
Kyara Squirewell
21:47 04 Dec 22
Thank you all so much for clearing the air after seeing numerous of doctors to finally hear the words “no fibroids”. What I have is not normal and for all the doctors that told me it is, I will never visit them again because I felt lied to. Thank you all so much, I will now take the next steps to figure this out and one day get back to my regular self. I’m grateful that I can finally relax on this issue and will be sending my female friends whoever experiences any issues.
Tammi Carter
19:10 21 Nov 22
Dr. Gaugau is amazing!!! He literally saved my uterus!!! I had severe period bleeding coupled with being on blood thinner medication made my periods unbearable. Dr. Gaugau performed a UFE (uterine fibroid embolization) and it has literally changed my quality of life! !! I am so thankful that I didn’t need to have a hysterectomy and that the UFE was the best option for me. Many women are told they need hysterectomies due to fibroids when that isn’t true. There are non-invasive alternatives for us!! The UFE is a non-invasive alternative that works!!! I am forever grateful to Dr. Gaugau and his staff. Everyone is so personable and amazing!!
Shernita Carty
21:07 08 Nov 22
I had a wonderful experience with Dr Gaugau. He was very detailed and honest with me about my options. I chose not to have a hysterectomy and am happy with my results. Nurse Bonnie made me comfortable preparing me for the procedure and explained everything to me step by step. The front desk staff is very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this office.
Angela White
01:04 08 Nov 22
Finally, a honest, professional and trusted provider. I was referred years and ago and should have come then. However, this experience saved my health and gave me second chance. In just months lost 40-lbs, as the procedure gave me the kick start I needed to get my pre-pandemic life back on track. Both the front and back staff are amazing. Dr. Gaugau deserves to recognized for bringing this quality back to healthcare. We as patients deserve someone who listens, responds with empathy and brings his experience.
Terria Bolton
15:04 03 Nov 22
Dr Gaugau really cares about his patients. His entire staff were warm, welcoming and very pleasant and professional.
Sarolyne Blessing
19:48 18 Oct 22
Back in 2020, I was told that I needed to have surgery to get rid of my fibroids. I knew that was not an option for me. Thankfully, I met Dr. Gaugau in 2021, who embolized my fibroids. I am now happy since the fibroids are gone and I’m able to enjoy my life again! I highly recommend Dr. Gaugau!
Chyni Doll
18:57 18 Oct 22
My experience was extraordinary Dr. Gau Gau is a very patience kind and caring person . I recommend Dr. Gau Gau to all my friends/ Family and business Partners. You can’t go wrong. 😊
K. Bowman
15:20 13 Oct 22
"I can't express enough about my experience with Dr. Gaugua and his team. Dr. G. is great in explaining the procedure and has helped manage all my expectations. He's meticulous and caring in his work and it shows. Overall, great experience!"
Erica Davis
14:58 13 Oct 22
I'm a young woman (no children yet). I was originally told by 1st doc that I would have to have major surgery, possibly compromising future ability to have children. But God!! I truly believe God made it possible for me to be connected to Dr. Gaugau's office for my procedure! No complications or anything!
Mamie Barnes
15:42 04 Oct 22
Dr. GauGau is a wonderful doctor he care about his patients. You don't have to get a hysterectomy because you're older or don't want any more kids. You can keep everything God sent you on earth with. Don't be in a rush . Don't let any doctor pressure you in taking your uterus their are other options. Please make an appointment with Dr Gau Gau. You will be much happier with his procedure. Thank you Dr Gau Gau God bless.Everyone in office is friendly and caring people. It's so much love in the office.Get your uterine fibroid embolization surgery today with a well experience doctor who care about his patients and the well being.
Chantol Wright
15:20 04 Oct 22
If you are confuse and feeling hopeless about your recent or on going fibroids issues The Fibriod Center is the place to be. DR.G and his team educate their paitents and give them options to to put an end to on going lower back pain and heavy menstrual cycles. Don't settle for the first route of treatment for your fibroidsgo to the Fibriod center and you will not regret it.Just remember a hysterectomy or myomectomy is your decision not the doctor's take your time and make the decision for yourself.
shannan glascoe
21:52 27 Sep 22
Please reconsider having a hysterctomy because Dr. Gaugau has truly put a myth to rest for me. I had the opportunity to have the UFE last week and it was the best releaf of my life. For several years, I had excrciating pain in my back, hips, stomach, knee's and righ anckle. However, 24 hours after the UFE procedure the pain has gone away. I can't thank Dr. Gaugau enough for introducing me to this option and not just saying "You need a hysterctomy". I had no clue that the pain in my foot and ankle had anything to do with my uterus. Yes, circulation has gotten much better and will give me a much better boost of energy as my healing process continues. I'm back to work after 5 day's and again so thank full for this God sent releaf.
19:27 26 Sep 22
Ladies.. if you are having Iron issues, hormone or painful periods this office is worth the consultation visit. My one call changed my life literally!!! Dr GauGau’s staff are phenomenal women and treated me very well from start to finish. Ms. Keisha , Ms.Angela and Ms.Bonnie walked me through this process. Every question was answered from the process, to how the pain will feel and be managed as well as recovery. Dr GauGau is now one of my favorite doctors. His integrity is through the roof.. he spoke to me during my surgery and explained what was going on step by step. Where else can you go and get spa treatment but it’s an official doctors office😂 This was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. To be able to have my body back is and most important be comfortable again. Ladies I had Adenomyosis (never heard of it until I came for my consult) but its a disease that gradually becomes worst if not detected. This office saved my life literally 😇🙌🏽 Thank you staff and Dr GauGau forever patient ♥️
Shonda Adams
20:37 15 Sep 22
I have suffered with uterine fibroids close to 8 years. I was originally scheduled to have a myomectomy and possible hysterectomy on 2/15/2022. However there was a mix-up in scheduling, which gave me time to seek a second opinion. Due to the number and size of the fibroids I'm positive that a hysterectomy would have been my outcome. I researched and found Dr. Gaugau and the Fibroid Center in June and had the uterine fibroid embolism on 8/2/2022. Having this procedure was the best decision I could have made and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I had the procedure a little over a month ago and I am already feeling a huge difference.The office staff is very welcoming and helpful and Dr. Gaugau is very knowledgeable. If you are suffering with uterine Fibroids please consult with Dr. Gaugua, before making decision to have a hysterectomy.
Jarcedes Ware
15:56 07 Sep 22
Dr. Gaugau is a great doctor he is very honest with you and he gives you options to choice from unlike other doctor's. It's always told to women especially black women that you have to get a hysterectomy and most cases that is not true. There are options that are less invasive and he doesn't pressure you he makes you feel comfortable along with his friendly staff. I would recommend anyone to come here because my surgery was a success and I no longer have the horrible proble I once had. When it comes to your cycle being so heavy that's it's stopping you from going anywhere you need to go make an appointment immediately with Dr. Gaugau. Dr. Gaugau and his staff is there to answer any questions and concerns that you may have. I promise you won't regret it . It will be the best decision you ever made, it was for me!
Tajuana Alston
16:51 29 Aug 22
LADIES NEVER AGREE TO AGGRESSIVE TREATMENT!! Ask questions!Dr. Guagau took his time with me! I was told in past from many Dr’s. that I would need to have a “Hysterectomy ”Dr Guagua was very informative with me and made sure he answered my question and concerns! He SAVED ME FROM unnecessary SURGICAL PROCEDURE!*I highly recommend Dr GuaGua!
Vivia Newman
16:17 23 Aug 22
I was offered hysterectomy and then I met doctor G and he told me about this alternative Called embolization and I did it and 6 months later I am doinggreat I don't need a ton of medication when my menstrual comes and my uterus looks way better and I did not have to do major surgery
Jim Ferrell
18:08 18 Aug 22
Everyone is so friendly and so nice! The doctor is wonderful! You have options, you do not have to choose a hysterectomy. This procedure is the best thing that I ever did!!! Doctor Gaugau is very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to work with. I am so glad I chose this procedure with this doctor!
Lachele Bryant
14:04 16 Aug 22
I would highly recommend Dr. Gaugau. He and his staff are very professional. He takes his time to explain things in a way that you will understand. He makes sure your questions are answered. 5 Stars are not enough for this anointed Dr. God's Blessings to you and your staff. Thank you.
Dietra Latney
17:57 12 Jul 22
All around great experience. My cycle and cramping has improved tremendously. I cannot say enough about the staff as well. They are all amazing!!!
Betty Phillips
19:28 08 Jun 22
Ladies please please consider embolization as your first option if you do have fibroids or thickening of the lining also known as adenomyosis over any form of conventional surgery such as hysterectomy and my one Tony. I was offered hysterectomy as only option but I choose to go see Dr. Gaugau and had the UFE embolization. The results are phenomenal after one week I’m up and running I don’t have any more pain and I look a lot better to the point that everybody in my surround and has noticed that I am being free I’m not taking any more medication and I’m looking forward to a pain free world.I strongly recommend Dr. Gaugau!!! Don’t lose your U!!
Alston Wilkins
13:41 11 May 22
I'm only 1 day post op and I'm so relieved that the pain is bearable. I was super nervous about it but Dr.Gaugau's team reassured me and everything went very well. I'm truly thankful to everyone I have encountered during my journey to the UFE and will recommend 10 out 10! And that if you can, go see Dr.Gaugau to perform it!!!
Sharon Jones
20:09 03 May 22
The truth is real UFE, In my late 50 no Gyn one wanted to give me a chance stated that it would go away they’re going to shrink and go away…but the Fibroids continued to grow. I called Dr Gaugau MD and the rest is history. They took good care of me. Dr. G performed UFE. The procedure was a total success. I recommend them to anyone with fibroid issues. 10 stars!!!
Kenlinishia Tyler
19:03 25 Apr 22
Dr. Gau Gau was the absolute best. I was told I had fibroids for the last two years from two African American gynecologists. Neither of them did an MRI, but felt I couldn't possibly be having the amount of pain I was having for the size of fibroids I had. The only option given was major surgery to remove them although that wasn't something that was typically done for fibroid my size (very small). After a few trips to the ER during my cycle to get narcotics and the use of Motrin 800 every month, I'd simply had enough. I heard about Dr. Gau Gau on the radio and gave him a try..... it was my only option. After an MRI, I was told I didn't have fibroids, but Adenomyosis. I was shocked! To my dismay, he offered the embolization procedure, which is an in and out procedure. I was healed within a week and now I don't have any more pain during my cycle. Praise God! Dr. Gau Gau is a God send. I recommend him to any woman experiencing gynecological pain and is getting the run around from their gynecologist. He is very thorough, kind, patient and available when ever you call throughout this process. I give him 10 stars!
shenell alexis
15:05 23 Mar 22
Last week I got my procedure done it took me an hour and I was out within two hours I didn’t feel no pain no discomfort the staff was wonderful very helpful the doctor was amazing and kept up with me after my procedure if I could give them 10 stars I would
Yovonda Thornton
17:28 15 Mar 22
Dr Gaugau was an excellent doctor. I received the best of care in having Fibroid removal surgery. This was an excellent choice instead of a total hysterectomy. Dr Gaugau performed Uterine Fibroid Embolizaion (UFE)... Excellent Dr and Staff.
OhSo Tina
16:16 14 Mar 22
My experience was amazing, my doctor at Kaiser kept trying to get me to get a Hysterectomy so I came here to the fibroid center and met with Dr Gau Gau and he told me about the UFE Procedure and it was the best decision that I mad, one week later I’ve lost 6lbs my skin is clear I’m not constipated no pain I feel great, ladies UFE is the best procedure for us,the staff was awesome especially the RN Bonnie., they made sure you was comfortable and relax they took really good care of me.if I could rate him more then five stars I would he’s the best!
Shantice / Ronald
00:39 03 Mar 22
I am one week post op and I am back on my feet. Dr. Gau Gau and his staff are very nice, caring and patient. I was very nervous to have the procedure done. Bonnie(Nurse) explained each and every medicine given and was nice and calming. Dr. Gau Gau was supportive, a great listener and explained the entire process step by step.
Delora Davis
20:02 24 Feb 22
Dr. Gaugau and his staff were very professional. Women need to understand that we have options besides getting cut on and ending up with a hysterectomy with longer healing time. It was a great experience
RaNecia Smith
23:29 31 Jan 22
So grateful for Dr. Gaugau and his team. An extremely thorough physician that provided a seamless life changing outpatient procedure. Highly recommended
K Hall
15:40 13 Jan 22
Dr. Gau gau is the best!!! I had fibroids and was told I needed to get a hysterectomy however, I checked out other options and found Dr. Gau Gau...he assured me that I did not need to have my uterus removed to take care of the fibroid. I asked a ton of questions Gau Gau and his team were patient with me.. Finally, I made my appt and had the procedure done, now I have no pain, my fibroids are gone and my cycles are back to normal. I am forever thankful and grateful to Dr. Gau Gau and his team for taking care of me and all of my many questions!
Ally Newby
15:27 09 Dec 21
This was the best decision of my life. My periods were so heavy, cramping was horrible. After this procedure, the heal time was about 5-7 days of rest. The pain meds help to reduce discomfort after the procedure. Ladies please consider this procedure, it is a life changer.
Joddie Veronica Taylor
14:53 16 Nov 21
Dr. Gaugau and his entire team are THE BEST. Extremely knowledgable, warm, and welcoming. Too often hysterectomies are recommended as a solution to fibroids. Before you make such a life changing decision, please visit Dr. Gaugau. I am so very glad that I did. Dr. Gaugau performed an embolization procedure that has already changed my life in less than two months. I'm getting my body back! My belly starting going down almost immediately. My heavy periods have dramatically decreased. I'm feeling like myself for the first time in years thanks to Dr. Gaugau! Truly, I can not say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Gaugau and his team! THANK YOU DR. GAUGAU!!!
Litisha Payne
15:58 05 Nov 21
Highly recommend! Awesome, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Everything was explained in detail, which was comforting. Procedure itself was seamless and recovery is going well. So pleased with the before and after (pics attached).
April O’Neal
01:54 05 Nov 21
If I could score Dr. Gaugau higher than five stars I would!!! I recently had an embolization procedure for a fibroid issue that has been causing pain and discomfort for years! It was the best thing I ever did for myself! I had the procedure on a Tuesday and by Friday I was switching to only taking ibuprofen because I was already feeling so much better. I must say that I now feel better then I have in years. I was dealing with daily discomfort I didn’t even realize I had until it was completely gone!!! The entire staff is wonderful and made the experience so pleasant. From the incredibly nice woman that scheduled my initial consultation & welcomed me every time I called or walked through the door….she’s absolutely lovely. Bonnie was so thorough walking me through how the procedure was going to go & again making me feel so safe & comfortable. She was fabulous at her job! As for Dr. Gaugau, there simply are no words to describe how wonderful he is…he’s knowledgeable, straightforward & definitely doesn’t want you wasting your time & money on procedures or medications you don’t need. From the first time I met with him I knew he was the doctor I wanted to help me. He explained everything so thoroughly leaving me with no questions. I already knew going in that I didn’t want the other procedures that other doctors had suggested…which is how I discovered Dr. Gaugau in the first place….searching for other options. He has the best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced & by my last appointment I left feeling like he could be a family friend, someone you’d want to invite to your next dinner party. He’s just so personable. Both my mother & husband felt the same after meeting him. If I could have him as my main doctor I would! He’s wonderful and I couldn’t possibly recommend him more! If you are suffering from pain / discomfort from fibroids do yourself a favor & schedule your consultation with Dr. Gaugau and see if this is an option for you!!
Taii Richardson
16:56 03 Nov 21
I traveled all the way from Texas for the procedure. Has been the best choice I could've ever made! Very professional, sincere, and clean. Would absolutely recommend to anyone needing help.
16:24 13 Oct 21
I had the fibroid embolization surgery and my experience perfect. For years, I’ve been having issues with my fibroids and after the surgery I lost weight and my periods started to normalize with less bleeding and cramping. During my recovery process Dr G called to check on me and make me feel comfortable during the process. This is my third surgery to treat fibroids and has been the most effective.
Marie Hinds Kamara
01:36 11 Oct 21
I would to thank Dr. Gaugau, his front desk staff and his RN nurse! They offer superb service with maximum satisfaction. This entire team shows respect, empathy, professionalism and genuine care from beginning to end. I am truly satisfied and grateful to Dr. Gaugau for helping me to fix my very serious problem that made me very anemic. Thanks to you and your team I can feel great again. I 100% recommend this office to women who are having issues with fibroids or heavy bleeding. Not all doctors and office staff treat their patients with the respect that is required but this team is like the creme dela creme! Thank you again.
Julius Mckenzie
15:57 04 Oct 21
My Experience with Dr Gaugau and his entire staff was pleasant my Procedure was very successful and I was up and running in 4 days I recommend anyone who needs this service to contact Dr Gaugau office!
Tasha Valentine
16:00 28 Sep 21
My experience with Dr. Gaugau and the staff was amazing! His bedside manner is so calm and assuring and he took the time to help me understand everything prior to the procedure. Bonnie (the RN) made me feel so comfortable and talked me through everything that was happening while I was there. My procedure was a week ago and I feel 1000% better already! I highly recommend anyone suffering from fibroids see Dr. G!
Kadian Watson-Rose
15:52 20 Sep 21
I had the best experience with Dr. Gaugau. He is very friendly & pleasant. My procedure went very smoothly & the staff was very nice & comforting as well. I absolutely recommend!!!
Lisa Gordon
19:05 25 Aug 21
I had my UFE procedure last week and it was an answered prayer! The feedback that I received from other doctors were to have a myomectomy or hysterectomy. I was beyond ecstatic to hear that this was an option. I truly hope and pray more women are made aware of their complete options.I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. GauGau his expertise and bedside manner is unmatched. He takes his time to explain the procedure and questions that you have without making you feel rushed. I appreciated and needed that. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone suffering from the symptoms of fibroids.
Michelle Gaines
23:12 11 Aug 21
The staff was so pleasant and Dr. G was so knowledgeable about the procedure being done for me, I highly recommend him to anyone that wants a less invasive surgery!!
Diamond Oates
23:51 07 Jul 21
Dr. G is exceptional, but before you actually see him you will be greeted by his friendly and accommodating staff. I had my procedure a week ago and I feel awesome. I don't feel bloated and heavy, and I'm not constantly running to the bathroom. The fibroids were so big they pressed on my bladder which caused discomfort and a huge inconvenience. I also admire the fact that Dr. G takes his time to explain what's going on with me and is never in a rush.
Jabare Fairclough
14:23 29 Jun 21
Dr. Gaugau really took good care of me. I suffered with uterine fibroid for 10 years. Also I had a total of 10 fibroids. Ladies, I would recommend Dr. Gaugau... You don't have to have a hysterectomy.
Katresa Howard
18:59 24 May 21
I was referred to Dr.Gaugau from my OBGYN 6 months ago. Due to having very abnormal cycles each month almost 3 total. With imaging and test Dr. Gaugau was able to diagnose and treat my issues(fibroids) after my surgery all my pain and suffering I experienced for many many years gradually slowed down and im getting better in time. I refer anyone having fibroid pains to consult with Dr. Gaugau , and get a plan for your life. It just might change it, like it did mine.
Shanon Barnett
16:47 20 May 21
Had a great experience! I was told my cervix was the size of a 20 week pregnant woman, I met Dr. G and he promised to help me and save my uterus without a hysterectomy as an option, Ladies YOU Have OPTIONS, don’t let them tell you that you don’t. I am on my road to recovery and even becoming a proud mother one day with the help of Dr.G, my stomach has went down a lot and i’m on my way to a normal life ❤️❤️❤️❤️ explore your options and even making this procedure an option is amazing !
Dorcas Duncan
20:16 19 May 21
I had a wonderful experience at the fibroid center im so glad that i found this place the doctor i went to before wanted to cut me open then i heard about the fibroid center on the radio thank God it saved my life i was in so much pain for years didn't know why i finally feel relief after all these years my procedure went very well i definitely recommend to other females
Yeshuas Poema
16:52 18 May 21
Dr. Gaugau is the best. Good bedside manner, he answered my questions before I had the procedure and at my follow up appointment today. I have good results so far, it’s only been a week. I can feel the difference and have lost some weight. I recommend getting a consultation if you are having issues with fibroids symptoms interrupting your life. - Ms. Street
Latrisha Young
15:09 17 May 21
I love them the staff is friendly and helpful the doctor is really caring and friendly with his patients i love them
19:09 13 May 21
Dr. Gaugau, the nurse (can't remember her name), and administrative staff are excellent. They go above and beyond for their patients. They are very clear and concise about specific events that will occur before, during, and after the procedure. If I could give them a higher rating, I would give them a 10 out of 10.Dr. Gaugau and staff have helped me out tremendously in improving my quality of life. I am thankful for not having surgery and opted to have Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). I will refer anyone who has problems with uterine fibroids to see Dr. Gaugau and the amazing staff.
christina sampler
19:53 05 May 21
By far the Best!!!!!I was bleeding 🩸 for 6months straight. Did so much research 🧐 about what procedure I should go with. I was going to get the fibroid removed surgically but it slims ur chances of being pregnant again. I came across UFE procedure(fibroids Center) and read the procedure/steps they do, and this was just perfect for Me! Made appointment with Dr. Gaugau and he told me he can fix it without surgery. At first I didn’t believe him until I was sent down stairs for an MRI. My results came back stating my fibroid was as big as an Apple 🍎 and if felled down behind my cervix wall😩😩😩I was nervous 😩 and really scared. Dr.G told me that it was rear but he could still fix it. After the procedure was done it was still there. He told me to give it a week and it will fall right out. Literally 5days tops after procedure it fell out, didn’t feel it at all. I feel so good now!!! Stop 🛑 bleeding and feel like a million bucks!!!! BIG THANKS TO DR. GAUGAU!!!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🍾
Michelle Obot
19:37 05 May 21
Excellent doctor, great office staff, and amazing results. I feel so much better after my procedure. If you’re thinking about a hysterectomy or mymoectomy, please see Dr. Gaugau first for a less aggressive but effective procedure.
Shelly Ellis
17:50 27 Apr 21
It was a great and successful experience. I had my procedure done in February 2021 for 3 fibroids, one of which was about 6 cm. I haven’t had any surgery before in my life so I was a little intimidated but Dr. Gaugau and his staff (from the front desk to his nurse) made this a great, stress-free experience. I will say the first day after surgery was pretty much hell because of the pain and nausea but I had been warned that it varies from patient to patient, and there was an issue of getting my painkiller prescription fulfilled at my local pharmacy (and I didn’t respond well to the nausea meds) so that could have exacerbated some of it. But I called Dr. Gaugau and he immediately offered solutions that helped. I also suffered a low grade fever that came and went for a couple of weeks but that was also one the side effects as the fibroid fights the embolization that I was warned about and the fever eventually disappeared.I went on my first 2 mile jog within 2 weeks of the procedure so that tells you how quick the recovery is. Months later, my periods are A LOT lighter and the cramping is nowhere near as bad. The tummy bloat has also gone down a lot. And Dr. Gaugau was very responsive when I called with questions and concerns. He’d return my calls within a day. I’d definitely recommend the procedure especially as a less invasive option and not wanting to take hormones (which I was adamant I didn’t want to do). This is a great place to do it!
cassandra smith
01:49 19 Apr 21
The bedside manner in this office is out of this world the whole staff makes you feel so comfortable. I have been to many doctors in the past 20 years but you knew what I needed from the 1st time I visited your office and I received exactly what I needed and now I feel great thank you so much for helping my pain go away I truly appreciate you and your staff
Michelle Johnson
16:38 15 Apr 21
Dr Gaugau and staff were very pleasant and professional. The procedure went smoothly and my recovery is wonderful. I definitely recommend you go see Dr. Gaugau and staff.
Stacee Gans
16:49 13 Apr 21
As someone who has been suffering from fibroids for a number of years I was very happy to find Dr. Gaugau. As one of Jehovah's witnesses who does not accept blood he gave me an alternative to surgery. The surgery would have been invasive, which, could have caused a large amount of blood loss and taken a much longer time to recover, but most importantly, could have caused problems because we do not accept blood transfusions.He was respectful of my religious beliefs, explained everything to me, from why I was in pain to how we could relieve it safely without compromising my beliefs. I was able to ask him any questions. After the procedure he called to check up on me. I'm very thankful to him and his staff for making me comfortable and making the whole experience much easier.
RaShawn Thomas
10:25 07 Apr 21
Dr. GauGau saved my life! When I went into the office I was at my wits end with my monthly cycle. Upon meeting the office staff, and Dr. GauGau they made me feel so comfortable. The office has a nice and inviting atmosphere. Dr. GauGau beside mannerism is 5 star, he could tell the amount of pain I was in and was able to diagnose me immediately. I credit Dr. GauGau for saving my life because of my diagnosis (Endometriosis) I had to have an immediate procedure due to the amount of blood I was losing monthly. The procedure was very easy..Dr. GauGau and his bedside R.N. Bonnie articulated well as to what to expect the day of. The turn around time for my healing process was 5-7 days I was literally up and moving around the 3rd day. You will experience some after procedure pain but that’s typical and as long as you’re taking the medication as prescribed you’ll be fine. I’ve had my first cycle since the procedure and let me tell you..it was barely anything there..for yrs I had to literally sit home atleast 3 of the days of my cycle! No more pain! No more heavy flow! No more size 5 pads! Ladies, we have options and I found this to be the BEST one. Let’s normalize that bad cycles ARE NOT normal. If you’re as hesitant as I was I would say “don’t be” save your life, schedule the consultation and get your life back! Thank you Dr. GauGau and all the staff at The Fibroid Center.
Christina Bean
15:08 02 Apr 21
Dr. Gau Gau is the best! His bedside manner was awesome just like his humor. I was relaxed and well taken care of. I would recommend him for anyone trying to get relief from their fibroids. He was very informative and skilled. Checks in on his patients to make sure they took to the surgery well. I had no problems everything went smoothly before and after. 🙌🏽
Tierney Blag
15:40 08 Mar 21
Dr.Gau Gau is the best . He made me feel so comfortable and very informative with all the info needed . Surgery went well and I feel amazing. God is good . The staff is wonderful and I also thank ms. Bonnie for being there every step of the way with me . I’m so thankful and would refer this place to anyone. I selected 5 stars but the beyond that 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💪🏽❤️❤️❤️
Trena Hawkins
04:59 02 Feb 21
I have never experienced a medical facility where everyone was kind and handled me with the utmost care. Starting with Ms. Angie and Mel at the front desk. They both were welcoming, kind and simply, just made me extremely comfortable. Dr. Gaugau was thorough, and took his time explaining all options and the UFE procedure.Just after one visit, I knew UFE was going to be my approach to my situation. Again, day of my procedure, I was met with kindness and care from the nurse and the front office staff. Dr. Gaugau explained everything to my husband and the post procedure care.I would recommend the UFE procedure and so glad I had it done at the Fibroid Center. I am forever grateful to Dr. Gaugau and his staff. I had my procedure one more ago and I am feeling great, no issues.
Demi J.
17:19 28 Jan 21
Prior to hearing and having a consultation at the fibroid center I had knowledge of my fibroid for over a year, but because of the options presented to me by my GYN and my discomfort of having the removal procedures I did nothing. Once having a consultation and being informed that before considering removal I could have the blood supply cut I was comfortable and hopeful with the new option presented to me. No cuts and still having a uterus was exactly what I wanted and I’m appreciative for the work that the fibroid center offer. Highly suggested!
Kathy Young
00:40 26 Jan 21
September 2019, I had an issue in which all signs and symptoms were pointing to cervical cancer. I had to go through a biopsy and several other test. When the results came back it was determined that there were no cancer cells found. However, my issue was still there. It was then determined that fibroids were the cause.It was recommended that I have a hysterotomy for my fibroids. My OB/GYN gave me approximately two weeks to make a decision. During that time, I started doing some research with my best friend Google and studying at YTU aka YouTube University 🙂 to find alternative treatments. I found everything from the you've got to be kidding me side of the internet; i.e.,. Apple Cider Vinegar & Blackstrap Molasses, Vitamin D, Castor Oil Packs to things that started to make a little more since, such as Myomectomy.. I stumbled upon several articles discussing three options under the definition of "minimally invasive surgery and had my full attention:A) Laparoscopy: surgeon makes several half-inch cuts; inserts a tube through each opening with camera, lights, and action. He or she goes on a search and destroy fibroid mission.B) Myolysis: Doc cuts blood supply to the fibroid, it shrinks, dies through freezing, heating, or radiofrequency energy. In this scenario, they're either frozen, burned, or radiated. For me the downside, it only worked best for small fibroids and the possibility of scarring or infection in the uterus.C) Uterine Artery Embolization / Uterine Fibroid Embolization: Doctor makes no cuts, instead a thin tube / catheter is inserted into the uterine artery. He injects a substance that cuts off the blood supply which in turn, kills and shrinks them, allowing your uterus to decrease in size. The upside, you go home the same day,Here were my options: Hysterectomy; Myomectomy (do your homework on that one); Laparoscopy; Myolsis,; and Uterine Fibroid Embolization.After all of my research and watching several doctors via YTU explain the procedures step by step I chose C. I search my local area for a doctor that had the knowledge, experience, and had successful performed the procedure. That is how I found Dr. Gaugau.Dr. Gaugau performed my procedure on 11 January 2021. My down time was approximately three days. I won't lie, my first night home was a bit rough with the cramping and all. After that, I was well on my way to healing. He called me on my third day to check on me. I wish all other doctors were as personable as he is,Thank you Dr. Gaugau for all you have done for me. I feel like myself again.
Malynda Hill-Williams
20:10 08 Dec 20
Dr. Nordine Gau Gau is a phenomenal surgeon. If you suffer from fibroids and having trouble getting pregnant or experienced multiple miscarriages due to uterine fibroids...please make an appointment with Dr. Gau Gau immediately. He got rid of all my fibroids and now 3 months later my uterus is in perfect condition to carry a baby full term. He has given my husband and I hope and we are so excited to be able to try to conceive again and this time we know I will carry full term. I will certainly follow up with a second post regarding my pregnancy status in a few months. Ladies, don't dispair or give up, pray; go see Dr. Gau Gau and watch your situation turnaround. I'm over forty and after years of being misdiagnosed with unexplained infertility and miscarriages, I finally have answers and look forward to becoming pregnant again and carrying full term.Sincerely,Mrs. Hill-Williams
17:25 12 Nov 20
Phenomenal Team of Professionals! Hysterectomy was not an option for me and I was determined to find a doctor who would be honest and upfront with me about my condition. Dr. Gaugau was that doctor. After extensive research and reading I found a wonderful doctor and a phenomenal team of office support who truly have a heart for their patients and concerned about the care they receive. I feel so much better OMG! I appreciate the hard work and dedication Dr. Gaugau and his staff provides.
20:39 06 Nov 20
First, Dr Gaugau has the best bedside manner that Ive ever had from a physician! He makes you feel comfortable, he's knowledgeable, and you feel like you can trust him. He deals with you as an individual patient...not like just another case.As for my experience...I highly recommend this procedure to anyone suffering with uterine fibroids. It was fast and painless. I was woke the whole time. However, expect some pain and discomfort the next few days afterward, so take the pain meds as instructed. After a week, I was driving and moving around as normal but it took about 2-weeks to feel like myself again.Lastly, expect the first 3 menstrual cycles to be terrible, but after that life is good! lolHIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Melissa Isbell
23:17 30 Oct 20
I am excited to leave this review about Dr. Gaugau and his wonderful team. I was referred to him by my OBGYN. After testing and a consultation, I scheduled surgery I had UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization) . I had surgery in February and then again in May. The reason I had two surgery was because Dr. Gaugau found out that the I had multiple fibroids and some of the veins leading to them were very small. My surgery had to be done in two parts. Since the surgery, my cramps have improved and I am shorter cycles. I appreciate the team and the care they provided to me. I have already recommended him to many people.
Jennifer Black
16:41 05 Oct 20
I had my procedure on Sept 23, 2020! Dr. G is the best HANDS Down! He explained each option that was available to me, as I had a huge fibroid (12 cm). My options were a full hysterectomy, which I did not want, or the Embolization. Dr. G took careful time with me discussing my road leading to surgery and leading from recovery. We spoke for hours and he answered every question that I had in great detail. I would definitely recommend this procedure to any woman battling fibroids. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR UTERUS!! This procedure has even made my stomach flatter! Please contact his office and have a consultation. You will not regret it. The only thing you will loose are fibroids and inches off the waist. The staff is very professional and personable and that is extremely important to me. Please contact Dr. G. He will NOT disappoint!Thank you Dr. G and Staff. You all have changed my life forever!Jennifer B!
Erica Gustus
18:19 15 Sep 20
I recently had the uterine fibroid embolization procedure done by Dr Gaugau and I would definitely recommend having it, if needed and done by him. He and his entire staff from the receptionist to the nurse are warm, friendly and professional. They took excellent care of me and explained things thoroughly. If you are having issues with fibroids, please visit Dr Gaugau. He will send you for an MRI to determine exactly what would be your best course of action for your fibroids and then give you the opportunity to determine what you would like to do. I didn’t have any complications with the procedure or my healing. The pain is the worst the 1st 24 hours but then becomes manageable with pain medication. Everyone’s recovery time is different and you have to listen to your body but my recovery time has been about a week, so far. I’m really glad I did the procedure and no longer feel the pain of the fibroids anymore.
Mai Koum
19:37 01 Sep 20
It's been 3 months since my UFE with Dr Gaugau and I feel wonderful. I can immediately feel the big change in my 3 last periodes, less bleeding, almost no crampe,no back pain and look way way less like a pregnant lady. Dr G listen,answer all your doubts and thanks to his lovely professional team.
My overall experience was great from the time you walk 🙂 all the staff was wonderful throughout my whole process and Dr G is the best he made me feel an look great Thanks again for a wonderful experience Dr G an staff
Renata Gilliam
00:45 12 Aug 20
UFE is great and Doctor G is so great and very informative. I feel wonderful after my procedure.
Aricka Washington
12:58 23 Jul 20
I had fibroid embolization surgery (ufe) a week ago and I have to say that I feel amazing. Dr. Gaugau, is not only professional, he ensures that you have complete knowledge of your procedure and makes you feel completely comfortable. If you suffer from pelvic pain, severe bleeding, frequent urination then this is the procedure for you. I have no idea why I waited so long to handle this situation. I am already starting to see the results from the procedure. I have been suffering for over 8 years.Dr. Gaugau, thank you and your team for everything that you do, you have truly have made a difference in my life.