Fibroids and Weight Changes

Many of our patients report a vicious circle where they are doing everything right to improve their overall health, especially by dieting and working out, only to find that their weight wildly fluctuates with a persistent belly bulge. Sometimes, the belly bulge is even more prominent, or masses are palpable [...]

By |March 19, 2024|

UFE or Acessa for my fibroids?

So, you have heard of a procedure called Acessa advertised as minimally invasive in the treatment of uterine fibroids. You are wondering if Acessa could be an option for you and how it compares to technology driven procedures like the UFE as well as to traditional surgeries like myomectomy and [...]

By |July 13, 2023|

UFE or Endometrial ablation for my fibroids?

Another treatment often offered to women with symptomatic fibroids, especially bleeding is called endometrial ablation. Endometrial ablation is the permanent destruction of the uterine lining using heat. Endometrial ablation CANNOT treat fibroids or adenomyosis. Following endometrial ablation, the uterus is no longer suitable for pregnancy. But most unnerving is that [...]

By |July 10, 2023|
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