True or False: Uterine Fibroid Embolization

Published On: April 9, 2020
uterine fibroid embolization

If you have symptomatic fibroids, you may be wondering why your Gynecologist only offers you surgery in the form of hysterectomy/myomectomy and never mentions Embolization. The answer to that question is in the following:

  1. Your Gynecologist is not very familiar with this new technology driven procedure and so may not be able to answer all the questions you have.
  2. If you are presented with Embolization as an option, you will most likely choose it over more invasive conventional surgery.
  3. Choosing Embolization over hysterectomy/myomectomy means lost revenue for your Gynecologist.


Now, when you discuss fibroid treatment options with your Gynecologist, there are often facts presented to you that may not completely be accurate. True or False? Let’s see…

  • I am told that my only options are hysterectomy, myomectomy or ablation: FALSE!

Consider Embolization first and foremost. You won’t regret it. Ablation such as Novasure is a waste of time and money in this situation.

  • I am told that fibroids need to be physically removed from my pelvis to be certain of a cure: FALSE!

You do not need to have your fibroids physically removed. Its not necessary. There is a reason why women who do have fibroids but do not have symptoms DO NOT require any treatment at all. Otherwise we would be treating 80% of the female population. That’s how frequent uterine fibroids are.

So, the answer is NO you do not need a physical removal of fibroids, you just need a procedure that gives you back your quality of life while killing and shrinking your fibroids without any cuts at all. That’s what Embolization does.

  • I am told Embolization (UFE) will prevent me from getting pregnant: FALSE!

Embolization does not prevent you from getting pregnant and carrying a pregnancy to term. In fact, Embolization was referred to as a “Fertility restoring procedure” in a large study published recently.

  • I am told I need a hysterectomy because of my age, symptoms or because I no longer want to have children: FALSE!

Age, symptoms and desire to not have kids ARE NOT a medical indication to justify hysterectomy.

  • I am told I am not a candidate for Embolization because I have very heavy symptoms, too many or too big a fibroid: FALSE!

Embolization is probably the safest option for you regardless of the severity of symptoms, size or number of the fibroids you have. You just need a thorough evaluation and work up like we do in all cases that’s all.

  • I am told that Embolization is experimental and does not work: FALSE!

Simply not true!

When you hear that statement, get up and leave that office immediately. Call us instead!