Embolization Counseling

doctor and patient

Choosing your doctor
Always keep in mind that the only physicians that are formally trained to perform this procedure are Interventional Radiologists!! When choosing a specialist to perform your fibroid embolization, it is of utmost importance that you ask the following questions:

Are they fellowship trained in Interventional Radiology?
Did they train at an institution where fibroid embolization was a common procedure?
Did they perform this procedure before? How successful were they?
Do they have a comprehensive plan taking care of you from A to Z?
Are they familiar with pain management and do they tailor pain control to your specific situation?
Are they able to read your imaging studies by themselves, especially MRI?
Are they willing to direct you to the right specialist if embolization is not suitable for your case?
Please note that Interventional Radiologists are the only physicians who undergo formal training in minimally invasive and endovascular surgery through recognized fellowship programs at