Will the procedure harm my normal uterus that doesn’t contain fibroids?

Another amazing fact about embolization is that it will treat all the existing fibroids at the time of procedure regardless of their number, size or location. The beads used are usually released into the uterine arteries which feed both the fibroids (Abnormal tissue) and the unaffected uterine tissue. But because the fibroids are tumors, their vessels do not obey the anatomic and physiologic rules a normal organ tissue would go by. They grow fast and their vessels are random and behave like tubes diverting blood flow towards them. This flow differential makes the particles go more towards the fibroids than the normal tissue. Some of the particles are still going to end up in territories of normal tissue, may still cause some injury to the normal uterus but keep in mind that the normal tissue can form new blood channels and heal irritated areas, something fibroids can’t do unless embolization is not complete.

This is why it is important you choose a specialist who understands this disease process and its treatments well and has the necessary skills and experience. Remember, under-embolization will cause procedure failure and recurrence of symptoms while over-embolization may cause post-operative symptoms such as pain to linger more than it should making for a not so great experience.